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Slingshot Puzzle is a physics-based puzzle game that challenges you to shoot marbles across a maze of obstacles, collect gems and eventually land a marble in the exit portal. It sounds like an easy task, but you are limited to three shots from the slingshot.

Slingshot Puzzle has steampunk-style graphics and dozens of puzzles to master. In playing the Windows Phone version of the game for a short time, Slingshot Puzzle was immediately a fun game perfect for pass the time.

Normally Slingshot Puzzle costs $1.29, but over the next twenty-four hours, you can pick the game up free courtesy of the myAppFree Deal.

When it comes to the menu system, Slingshot Puzzle is one of the least-complicated games around. You have one option: jump into gameplay.

Slingshot Puzzle

The 126 gaming levels are spread out across seven chapters. The levels and chapters become more challenging as you progress through the game and new obstacles seem to be introduced with each level.

The game layout has your marble slingshot and an exit portal placed in various locations on the gaming screen. Each level will have three gems scattered about and an assortment of obstacles to contend with. Obstacles range from fans that will blow your marbles off course to traps that will capture and crush your marble.

Slingshot Puzzle

The slingshot rotates by touch to aim your shot, and to prep for fire you simply tap-and-hold and then slide back on the slingshot. An aim assist line will appear, and when you have things set just right, just lift your finger from the screen to shoot your marble. Each level has three marbles to shoot and while the ultimate goal is to sink a marble in the exit portal, you also need to try to collect as many gems as possible. Once one of your marbles hits the exit portal, you will advance to the next level with your score based on the number of gems collected.

The 2D graphics look nice and gameplay will test your skills at marksmanship and strategy. Available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores, Slingshot Puzzle normally runs $1.29, but through the myAppFree Deal, you can pick the game up free.

If you try Slingshot Puzzle, let us know what you think of things in the comments below. Also, please note that it may take some time for this deal to show up in the Store and the myAppFree app due to the various global time zones. At the time of posting, the deal is live in the U.S. Market.

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  • I cannot download this app. Nor any other app in the store. It shows the downloads at initial level with no development. Tried signing out and in. Hard reset. Still no go.
  • Back to 8.1 and then back to 10
  • any idea? The forums?
  • Try change region
  • You sync your Microsoft ID....????
    Sometimes when you have not synchronized your MS ID. apps would not continue downloading & will remain at initial stage, you will be able to browse app in Windows Store but you can't download any single app or game though its size might be
  • I was having the same issue. I signed out of the store with my Microsoft account, then signed back in, and it started working for me. Hopefully that will help someone else. Sorry it didn't work for you, but it apparently works for some. I've had to re-sign in to a lot since the .36 update. 
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  • I'm unable to comment.
    Every time it shows half of comment like the above.
    @George, @Daniel, what's the issue? Where is update. No way to fix. I think better to leave the app for now.
  • Prob easier to try a hard reset, before trying to reinstall win8
  • Go to accounts in settings and make sure your account is in good standing and no errors. Make sure it is syncing password. Typically it automatically does it for store. Also point new app installs to the phone storage instead of sd under storage settings. Sometimes a bad sdcard or unformatted one will cause issues.
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