The small MSI Vortex gaming PC packs some heavy hardware in a cylindrical case

MSI is known for their high end gaming PC hardware products and during CES 2016, the company showed off a powerful gaming desktop that's both small and cylindrical, with a look similar to the Mac Pro. The MSI Vortex can still hold an Intel Skylake 6700K CPU and two mobile versions of NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI mode.

The Vortex also has what it calls the Silent Storm cooling system. which has a fan on top that draw up the hot air and allows cooler air to be brough from the bottom of the case. It's supposed to make the system quieter than the normal desktop case. The MSI Vortex is due out later this year, but it will be expensive. It will have the starting price of $2,000 if you get a system with the less powerful NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics cards. A version with the more powerful GTX 980 will cost about $4,000.

Source: MSI (YouTube), PC Gamer

John Callaham