MSI recalls some MAG CORELIQUID coolers for not keeping PCs cool

Msi Mag Coreliquid 240r
Msi Mag Coreliquid 240r (Image credit: MSI)

What you need to know

  • Some of MSI's MAG CORELIQUID coolers are not properly dissipating heat.
  • Affected liquid coolers can cause a blockage due to sediment buildup, which reduces heat dissipation efficiency.
  • MSI will replace affected MAG CORELIQUID 240R and 360R coolers.

Two MSI liquid cooler models are running into issues that can prevent them from properly dissipating heat. The MAG CORELIQUID 240R and MAG CORELIQUID 360R liquid coolers can produce sediment that can cause a blockage. MSI notes that affected liquid coolers should not damage a PC since there are protections against overheating. The company is still, however, allowing anyone with a problematic cooler to receive a replacement.

"Our preliminary investigation has identified that a small portion of the liquid coolers produce sediment that can cause a blockage," explained MSI. "This, however, will not cause any damage to your system since the processors are equipped with a protection mechanism against overheating."

To see if your liquid cooler is affected by the issue, you can run its serial number through MSI's website. Any cooler that is experiencing abnormal heat dissipation should be able to be replaced. MSI explained that If your CPU temperature is over 60°C despite being properly seated, your system's cooler probably isn't performing as it should.

The process of swapping an affected liquid cooler appears straightforward. You'll need your cooler's serial number and some personal details to get a replacement part. MSI notes that if your cooler was part of a prebuilt PC, you'll need to use the serial number of your desktop, not the liquid cooler.

MSI will send out a prepaid shipping label along with your replacement unit. When you return your liquid cooler, you'll need to send in its accompanying parts, such as its screws and brackets.

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