Small Xbox One update rolling out to everyone with stability improvements

If you've been experiencing any stability issues with your Xbox One since the Creators Update arrived, a new update might have the fixes you're looking for. Rolling out now, a minor update is bringing miscellaneous stability and performance improvements to everyone.

Here's the official account of what's new (opens in new tab) (via Reddit) with this update:

  • OS version: 10.0.15063.2022(RS2_RELEASE_XBOX_1704.170501-1052)
  • Performance and General Improvements
  • General stability and performance improvements.

Those certainly aren't the most exciting release notes we've ever seen, but you can't really knock improved stability. In any case, be prepared for a bit of a wait with your download: the update weighed in at a little over 300MB on our machine. If you've already installed the update, chime in and let us know if you've seen any notable performance improvements.

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  • That's all well and good for the Xbox. But will msft also provide a fix for the creators update to end the bootloop issue on windows phones ?
  • Let me give you a heads up on the phone. I was having various issues and even after resetting the phone. So I was blaming unfinished work on Microsoft's part. Three days ago I used the restore tool to flash the phone back to original OS switched to fast and let it update, once done I reset the phone to put my backup back in and OMG what a difference. The phone is working incredibly well, it seems dozens of insider updates create broken fragments in the OS. A complete start from scratch transforms the phone. Just be careful to turn backups off during the reinstallation otherwise in the middle of it all it will backup a clean version of the OS.
  • If you're on 950 or 950xl, it's hardware related. Had same issue and my brother and I both got new batteries. Hasn't rebooted in 2 weeks
  • I hope the fix includes edge from crashing all the time
  • sign out of insiders / reboot / restore with keep games and data option / stay away from insider builds / stable Xbox one. I did that after I got tired of having to restart every time I wanted to enjoy the thing and the insider stuff was dragging my unit down
  • I hope it fixes the issues with my Kinect randomly turning off.
  • Good timing. I applied a decal in Forza Horizon 3 to my car about 2 hours ago and the game conked out and threw me back to the home screen.
  • I get kicked out of online coop every 20 minutes or so.. ☹
  • Not a huge fan of Creators on Xbox. Usability seems to have taken a step back...
  • How so if you don't mind me asking?
  • Feel like there's too many buttons presses to to do the same things that it took only 1 or 2 button presses in the old version...
  • Well now most actions require less steps to do.
  • I think the update is great. Barely have to use the home screen anymore. I also liked it better after discovering you can just do Guide, A, A to get to home, instead of using right in there. Feels a lot quicker for when I do still need to get to home.
  • That's pretty good one for Xbox one. This update needed for xbox users. I think it might be able to help recover xbox previous problem and made a boost
  • Seems faster
  • What I did notice, just days before this update, was a failed XB1 update. That was interesting because I do not have automatic updating turned on for anything. I turned on the XB1 and when I looked back, there was a failed update notice on the screen. I am not in a preview program either. I actually had that feeling you get when you think something is being hacked on your PC.
  • Had the same screen pop up last week, had the new update today. Haven't really tested it out yet.