Smartphone Experts Roundtable Podcast 3

Join Dieter, Matthew, Kevin, Rene, and Casey as they discuss Mobile World Congress 2009 -- there's a little bit for everybody in this gigantic cross-platfrom smartphone podcast!

Show notes after the break.


The iPhone Blog

  • Turn by Turn GPS is shown off
  • Docs2Go for the iPhone is incoming
  • Adobe still doesn't get that Apple's just not that into Flash
  • AT&T talks about the iPhone because "99.5 percent of the industry is trying to copy the iPhone".

Nokia Experts

  • Ovi Store
  • N86, E75 and N97
  • Omnia HD

Android Central


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Dieter Bohn
1 Comment
  • I agree with you in that HTC was way cooler then WP6.5 (whatever)at the show. I will be getting the Pro2 not for 6.5, but for the screen and speakers, and a little because of the new TF3D. I think the hard thing for the WP team is keeping the OS powerful but making it more finger friendly and requiring less digging to get to all that power. This I think is quite hard. If you took the iPhone system and had it do all the things that WP does, it would be just as cumbersome with a lot of scrolling tapping and swiping. What I think they should do is make Stantum Technologies a requirement or something like it. If the screen can recognize how many fingers are on it, and you keep gestures consistent throughout the experience, then you could assign the number of fingers to a particular idea... 1 finger/swipe = scrolling. 2 finger/swipe top to bottom = open up email, 2 finger swipe bottom to top = SMS... 3 finger/swipe top to bottom opens application launcher, and so on. If you incorporate this with other gestures, pressure amount, and more, then the user only needs to know the shortcuts to get to what they want with only one or two actions. Come on MS, wow me next year!