Smash Match for Windows 10 is simple but surprisingly challenging

Available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, this free game can drive you bonkers because the hammer colors change as a variety of cubes pass beneath them. The graphics look good but are not overly complicated, and gameplay is challenging enough to keep you on your toes.

I'm not sure if Smash Match can hold up to marathon gaming sessions, but for short bits of time, it is a fun Windows 10 game.

Smash Match

Getting started with Smash Match

Smash Match's main menu holds several options that include starting a game, visiting the game's store, access to a help feature, viewing the game's Instagram pages, rating the game, accessing the settings, and removing the ad support ($0.99).

The game's store includes a variety of cube designs that can be purchased with the gems and cherries collected during gameplay. Smash Match's help feature includes a tutorial on gameplay and a practice session to hone your skills. If you do not visit the help feature, a tutorial also appears before your first game.

The goal is to smash as many matching cubes as possible without smashing a non-matching cube or letting a matching cube pass by. There are also performance goals to help give Smash Match a little more depth. These goals range from surviving gameplay for a period of time to smashing a set number of cubes.

Smash Match's game display has a series of colored cubes entering the screen from the left side and two colored hammers (or pile drivers) resting towards the center of the screen. As the colored cubes pass under a matching colored hammer, you tap the hammer to smash the cube and earn points. While this sounds simple, the hammer colors change periodically, and if you smash a non-matching cube or let a matching cube go by without smashing it the game is over.

Smash Match

The longer you survive smashing the matching cubes, the pace of the game becomes quicker. It can be challenging to keep up with things and avoid tapping the hammers late or smashing the wrong cube. There are striped cubes that eventually appear that add to the game's difficulty and multi-colored cubes that serve as power-ups. When smashed, these multi-colored cubes destroy all the cubes on the screen. The bonus cubes can come in handy if you missed a cube or just need a second to catch your breath.

Nothing casual about this Windows 10 game

Smash Match

Smash Match is not an overly-complicated Windows 10 game. It sports modest but nice looking graphics and challenging gameplay. The game's store options to unlock different cube designs are a nice touch and hopefully, more designs are on the way.

The gameplay tests your timing and concentration to smash the right cube while letting the non-matching cube pass. The slightest hesitation can be fatal to your high score pursuit, and anticipating color changes can be equally dangerous. When the pace of play speeds up, your mind begins to play tricks on you, often causing you to tap a hammer when you know you shouldn't. Smash Match is just as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge.

Smash Match offers an entertaining challenge for shorter periods of time. If you need a game to help you lose track of time, Smash Match might be your cup of tea. If you've tried Smash Match, let us know what you think in the comments.

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