Snag 3 months of Groove Music Pass for just 200 Microsoft Rewards points

Microsoft is offering up a tempting way to freely try out Groove Music that involves surprisingly little effort. Microsoft Rewards is currently offering a three-month subscription (opens in new tab) to Groove Music Pass in exchange for just 200 reward points (via Reddit).

The offer is only set to last through the end of August, but it's still an incredibly solid deal. What's more is there is also an offer to get a one-month subscription for 100 points, and it can be redeemed in addition to the three-month offer. That'll net you a total of four months of Groove Music Pass for only 300 points.

As Microsoft points out, the three-month pass would normally run 28,000 points, or cost $40 with a regular subscription. In contrast, obtaining 200 points is incredibly easy. If you aren't already signed up, head to the Microsoft Rewards dashboard{.nofollow} to get started with easy ways to earn points quickly. Given that Microsoft's Groove subscription promotions are usually only open to new subscribers, this is the best way for anyone who may have had a subscription in the past to give Groove a shot again.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • **** microsoft....Not available in canada....
  • Awesome! just redeemed 9 months worth of Music pass, plus 1 month that I earlier had! Somehow, I felt Spotify had better playlists than Groove, but maybe I haven't explored it much as yet? Any ideas, anyone?
  • Nice!
  • Snagged the thee month code yesterday. Was going to wait a couple of days to try the one month code too. Glad to get confirmation they will stack on top of each other.
  • Yeah, but will they both stack on top of a 4 month new subscriber?
  • I have an 3 month  subscription ,that I bought with "Bing Rewards". I just added 8 more months on top of this .It does work
  • Time to give groove a try
  • sweet I'm buying 3 months and get a extra 3 more for 200 points sold
  • Why not link both offers? Still, great deal!
  • Never again. I subscribed to this, downloaded music and added it to my collection. My subscription ran out and now I can't play any of the music I downloaded, and years later I still find songs I can't play. It completely ****** my nice organized and clean collection
  • I am trying to understand what you are saying. Once the subscription is over you can't play the downloaded songs. The songs that you download are tied with your subscription. That's how every subscription works.
  • Duh.... Only every music subscription ever works like this.
  • This is absolute gibberish..!
  • Thanks for the article, I did get the music pass through rewards now☺️
  • I don't see it mention new accounts only anywhere in the terms and conditions.  Has anyone with a current Groove subscription used these codes to extend?  I'm thinking for 100 points I'm going to give it a try regardless but figured I'd ask here first. 
  • I'm trying on an existing account and it is saying:    Something happened on our end. Waiting a bit might help. SVC-RedeemInternalServerError ZNhdGw9i95VD2MRd.0.4.13 2017/08/02 - 18:44:56 UTC
  • Yup same here, I thought I got lucky but nope I got the same issue
  • I'm a current subscriber and redeemed 200 points for the three months.  However, they didn't actually credit me with 3 months -- they gave me 77 days.  (And it has nothing to do with when I actually subscribed, so now idea how they shorted me 13 days; which seems very arbitrary.)
  • I did the one for 3 months and it worked fine, added to my current subscription.
  • Just got the 3 month pass now. I guess it should work for everyone whether you had it before or not.
  • I extended an existing account by 4 months using these offers. Thanks for the heads up!
  • This pretty awesome for me. I have wanted something that will work on my phone, my PC, my Sonos, and the XBOX. This ticks all of those boxes, so I will try it out for the next 4 months.
  • Just cashed in some reward points. Normally a Spotify person  but let's see Groove again. Now if there was a family plan I would be sold!
  • Australian Groove Music subscriber. Claimed the 3 month and 1 month pass and added both. Checked my subscription renewal/billing date moved out by 4 months exactly. I did get a weird error adding the 3 month code (something along the lines of the code had already been used) but when I checked my subscription date, it had actually been applied. I've encountered errors many times redeeming Microsoft Rewards Groove Pass codes but Microsoft Reward support have always been great and resolved the issue. I just wish their entire platform was more reliable. Still, definitely a great deal!
  • I'm in the UK. The 1 month for 100 points is available, but the 3 months for 200 points is not. 
  • Yep same here. It's not bad considering how easy 100 points is to get at least.
  • I'm in the UK and have both offers. I don't have an active subscription (tried the 30 day free one seven months ago, but cancelled before the first payment). Anyway, I bought the 3 month and 1 month and now it says I'm subscribed and will expire December 2017 - so that's good! The offer did say - subject to availability though - so it may have already reached it's limit.
  • Well, I'm in the US and I also only see the 1 month for 100 points offer. I don't see the 3 for 200.  Am I looking in the wrong place?
  • Same issue, I saw it earlier before leaving work and now the dropdown menu that changed from 1 month to 3 months is gone. The link provided in the article just goes to the splash page for the Rewards page. Did we wait too long? :( 
  • Dang, that's what I'm thinking. It may have been a limited time offer, but that's a little ridiculous!
  • Just redeemed the 1 month for 100 points but don't see the 3 months for 200 points. :(
  • Same here. Not seeing the 3 month.
  • Is this offer still available? I am only seeing the 12 month pass listed, have nearly 4000 points and as of yet not found anything good to spend them on in the UK :( Do you have to be at a certain level? I am level 2 currently
  • Hi, managed to get both rewards here in the UK. Not having used Groove before, I am entitled to a 4 month free trail. Can these rewards, be stacked on top of the trial ? If not, the rewards are not of any benifit ?? 
  • I was able to redeem 1 month yesterday. The 3 month option was gone today. Wish I had redeemed that right away too.
  • I had redeemed the three month offer and gotten my code. It worked fine and my Groove expiration date is now January 2018. When I went back to get the one month offer too it was gone. All that is showing up is the one year offer for the regular amount of 100K points. What is strange is the original offer said it was available until August 31, 2017 and now it is gone after only a couple of days. Maybe they never intended for it to apply to existing subscribers and yanked it.
  • Deal is back on!!!