Snag 3 months of Groove Music Pass for just 200 Microsoft Rewards points

Microsoft is offering up a tempting way to freely try out Groove Music that involves surprisingly little effort. Microsoft Rewards is currently offering a three-month subscription to Groove Music Pass in exchange for just 200 reward points (via Reddit).

The offer is only set to last through the end of August, but it's still an incredibly solid deal. What's more is there is also an offer to get a one-month subscription for 100 points, and it can be redeemed in addition to the three-month offer. That'll net you a total of four months of Groove Music Pass for only 300 points.

As Microsoft points out, the three-month pass would normally run 28,000 points, or cost $40 with a regular subscription. In contrast, obtaining 200 points is incredibly easy. If you aren't already signed up, head to the Microsoft Rewards dashboard to get started with easy ways to earn points quickly. Given that Microsoft's Groove subscription promotions are usually only open to new subscribers, this is the best way for anyone who may have had a subscription in the past to give Groove a shot again.

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