Sniper Elite 4 season pass detailed alongside new launch trailer

The next chapter of the Sniper Elite series is almost here, and we finally have season pass details along with a pretty brutal launch trailer. Clearly, perfect timing in the midst of chaos will mean everything in Sniper Elite 4, if the launch trailer is any indication. Check it out below:

If you're into season passes, Sniper Elite 4's is set to deliver 12 post-launch content packs that include 4 full campaign missions. You'll also get all of the pre-order bonus content with the season pass, which means you'll get access to the Target: Führer campaign mission and Camouflage Rifle Skin Pack. Three "content-stuffed" expansion packs will deliver new weapons and skins, and the season pass will also net you yet more new weapons and characters.

Sniper Elite 4 is up for pre-order now ahead of its February 14 launch on Xbox One, PC and PS4. As for the season pass, it will be available at launch for $34.99/£29.99.

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  • Well, that confirms I will just wait till the "Ultimate Edition" or whatever it'll be called. Really fun games though.
  • I still have the original Sniper Elite unopened on my shelf of games I want to play yet.  Might be time after I finish up 'The Warriors'.
  • I don't understand why companies what you to purchase a DLC Season pass without details exactly what it's going to entail. I pre-ordered the digital version of the game, and I've already been charged for it, therefore, NO REFUNDS. I still don't care about the DLC, but I'm griping more on principle than anything. This is why I'm so tired of pre-orders, DLC, and extra content. I enjoyed the 3rd game tremendously, and based on what reviewers have said, SE 4 is even better. This is why I decided to pre-order, but after this purchase, no more pre-ordering unless you're up front about what "extras" are going to cost and what's included. I could care less about skins, characters, and cosmetic items. Extra missions, sure, but not for $35. Tired of being "suckered" by publishers.
  • I haven't pre-ordered a game since I realised that Xbox Live Rewards stopped giving the credit back on them. I don't really have the need to pre-order anymore anyway since I can download a full game in under an hour. I can see how it's handy for others though on a slower connection. Some of my friends take days to download a full game. Although even that's not really worth the hassle so much now since there's the inevitable day-one patch. I could understand the pre-ordering thing back when it was physical copies, making sure you basically had a copy reserved in-case not enough were delivered to the store, but nowadays, that's not an issue. As for season passes, best thing to do is wait until they go on sale, especially if it's not a MP game. the only ones I buy now are Battlefield ones and I did buy the Fallout 4 one before they upped the price, luckily. Only because Bethesda's DLC never fails to disappoint and I'm pretty comfortable with the BF premiums.
  • Agree with you 100%. There are some titles worth while and most of the time I will only buy DLC if it's on sale. I'm not likely to preorder any games in the future.
  • I buy one, maybe two large releases a year, and I had so much fun with SE3, I blindly bought the extended version not knowing what I was getting. It was a little bit of a steep purchase but eh..... I try not to prepurchase too often, but upcoming games like SE4 and and the whopping $120 fo BF1(never in a million years thought that they would make a WW1 era game).... I couldnt help it.  I actually still havent officially finished all of the added SE3 fuhrer level yet.