Everything new for Bing Chat: DALL-E images, knowledge cards, AI-generated stories, and more

Bing Chat in Windows 11 Search
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What you need to know

  • Bing Chat recently gained the ability to generate images using an advanced version of the DALL-E model from OpenAI.
  • Microsoft also added a new version of knowledge cards and AI-generated stories to Bing Chat last week.
  • Several fixes shipped to Bing Chat preview as well.

Bing Chat gained the ability to generate images by using an advanced version of OpenAI's DALL-E model last week. While that was the most significant addition to the service, it wasn't the only improvement. Microsoft added support for a new version of knowledge cards that show information in the right-hand panel of Bing. The company also added support for AI-generated stories.

Microsoft gathers all of the new features for Bing in a blog each Friday. He's what shipped last week:

  • Knowledge Cards 2.0: Knowledge cards appear on the right-hand side of the Bing search results page, and they’re designed to help you explore topics that interest you with facts, image-based timelines, polls, actions, and related topics.  This week we've expanded the richness and breadth of knowledge cards supported by Bing using generative AI.
  • Stories:  Bing will also now craft AI-generated stories that provide you with multiple ways to consume bite-sized information--through text, images, video, and audio.  Stories are perfect for visual and auditory learners, and they are available to all Bing users in English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Arabic.

Though not mentioned in the Bing blog post, Microsoft is testing increased limits for Bing Chat as well. The service now supports up to 20 sessions per conversation and 200 chats per day for some users. Michael Schechter, VP of growth over Bing, shared that the company tested the increased limits over the weekend.

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Microsoft also rolled out the following improvements to Bing Chat:

  • Making it easier for you to copy chat text from the Bing mobile app on iOS.  
  • Improving voice detection in the Bing mobile app so messages aren't sent before you are done speaking.
  • Fixing cases where Bing search queries would inadvertently trigger a chat with the same query when you scroll up.
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