Microsoft adds power of ChatGPT to SwiftKey and Skype groups

Bing Chat integration with SwiftKey
Bing Chat now integrates with SwiftKey, and it can rewrite your messages in different tones. (Image credit: Future)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has integrated Bing Chat with SwiftKey and expanded Bing Chat support to Skype group chats.
  • The new Bing is also available through the Microsoft Start app.
  • Translation within the Bing app now offers alternative masculine and feminine translation when translating between English and Spanish, French, or Italian.

With the new Bing gaining so much notoriety, Microsoft seems keen to integrate it with more services. The tech giant just announced several apps that have gained new functionality powered by Bing Chat and ChatGPT.

SwiftKey can now show Bing and Bing Chat directly within the keyboard. This functionality first appeared in preview last week, but it is now making its way to "all markets where the new Bing is avaialble." You'll have to sign in with a Microsoft account that has been approved to use the new Bing, however.

There are three ways that Bing integrates with SwiftKey; search, chat, and tone. Search lets you search the web without hopping into a different app. Chat opens up the conversation-based interface of the new Bing.

The tone integration is perhaps the most interesting. With it, you can have Bing rewrite your messages in different tones. For example, you could write the core ideas of your message in casual language and have AI create a formal version of the text for work.

SwiftKey | Free at Microsoft

SwiftKey | Free at Microsoft

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboards for Android phones. There's now an integration between Bing Chat and SwiftKey that places the power of AI at your fingertips.

Bing Translation

Translation within the Bing app now offers alternative masculine and feminine translations to be more inclusive. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft also announced new functionality for the mobile Bing app. It now offers alternative masculine and feminine translations to make it easier to use inclusive language. The feature supports translation from English into Spanish, French, and Italian.

Skype has a new feature as well. The new Bing is now supported within Skype group chats. Only one person within the group needs access to the new Bing in preview for the integration to work.

To summon Bing, anyone within the group can type "@bing" and then their question. The search engine will then provide a response directly in the chat.


Skype | Free at Microsoft

While not as popular as Zoom, WhatsApp, and Teams, Microsoft's Skype is a powerful communication app that supports calls, video calls, and messaging.

Microsoft Start

(Image credit: Daniel Rubino)

Lastly, Microsoft Start now supports the new Bing, at least if you've cleared Microsoft's waitlist for the service. The Start app has a personalized news feed, sports scores, the weather, and stock prices. Now, it can let you access the new Bing without jumping into another app.


Microsoft Start | Free at Microsoft

Stay informed while on the go with Microsoft Start, a personalized news and interests service that can be configured just the way you like it. The app now includes the new Bing as well!

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