Microsoft Edge VPN gets massive increase for monthly data

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge ships with a built-in VPN feature designed to enhance the browsing experience by protecting the user's data and information.
  • While introducing the feature, Microsoft only offered 1GB of free data each month.
  • The company has since raised the monthly limit to 5GB.
  • It enhances your privacy by encrypting your internet connection.

Microsoft Edge is arguably one of the best browsers, and Microsoft continues to push new features and updates to the browser to enhance its user experience.

And now, the company's latest efforts add more data to its Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature. Previously, the feature only shipped with 1GB of data, but as spotted by Twitter user Leopeva64, Microsoft has quietly bumped the feature's offerings to 5GB per month.

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For those not conversant with the feature, it's designed to enhance the browsing experience for Edge users by protecting their privacy and data. The feature lets users encrypt an internet connection.

It's worth noting that you must sign into Edge using a Microsoft account for you to be able to access this feature. This is mainly because it tracks how much data you've used in a month. Additionally, all your browsing data will be synced across all signed-in devices once you sign into Edge using a Microsoft account.

To access this feature, launch Edge on your device and click on the ellipses at the window's top-right corner. Next, click Settings and select the Privacy, Search, and Services option, where you should be able to enable the feature.

And while this is not an airtight solution to malware attacks that aim to access your data, it adds an extra layer of protection that other browsers might not necessarily have. 

In other Edge-related news, Microsoft recently shipped a new update Edge Dev build that ships with a new Locks tab feature for the Workspace capability alongside the usual reliability and bug fixes.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a built-in VPN to secure your browsing. Recently, Microsoft upped the data limit to 5GB.

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