Eppie is here to save you from the terrible new Outlook app, and it fully supports Proton Mail too

Eppie email client on Windows
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What you need to know

  • Finebits released Eppie, a new email client that works with Outlook, Gmail, and several other popular services.
  • Eppie is also the first native desktop client to fully support Proton Mail, a popular email service due to its end-to-end encryption.
  • Eppie is available in preview through the Finebits AppPack, which also includes 8 Zip Pro, Files&Folders Pro, and Torrex Pro.

Finebits just announced a new email client to give Windows users a new way to use Proton Mail. Email client Eppie is now in preview, making it the first native desktop client with full support for Proton Mail. Eppie also works with Outlook, Gmail, and several other popular email service providers.

While full support for Proton Mail may be the headline feature in the eyes of many, giving Windows users an alternative to the web-based Outlook app is arguably more interesting. Our Senior Editor, Zac Bowden, hates the new Outlook and is not alone. Some of the issues with Microsoft's new Outlook app are poor performance, an interface that's missing features, and unreliable push notifications.

Perhaps Eppie can fill the void created by the poorly received new Outlook app. We'll take a closer look at Eppie over the coming weeks to see how it stacks up as an email client. The first 100 people who use this link will receive Finebits AppPack from the Microsoft Store for free, allowing you to try out Eppie and use other apps within the suite.

Finebits AppPack | $37.49 now $4.99 at Microsoft

Finebits AppPack | was $37.49 now $4.99 at Microsoft

This suite of apps includes the PRO versions of all the Finebits apps, including 8 Zip Pro, Files&Folders Pro, and Torrex Pro. It also provides early access to apps in beta, such as the email client Eppie.

What is Proton Mail?

Proton Mail is a privacy-focused email service that is end-to-end encrypted. The company highlights how zero-access encryption ensures that only you can see your emails. "Not even Proton can view the content of your emails and attachments,' explains the company's website.

In addition to end-to-end encryption, Proton Mail lacks trackers that send information to advertisers and ads.

While Proton Mail is available on Android and iOS through dedicated apps, there is no first-party client for Proton Mail on Windows. Of course, you can use the service through your browser, but some prefer a dedicated app. 

Our colleagues at TechRadar gave the email service high marks in their Proton Mail review. The interface of the service and its security features were among the highlights of the service. Proton's customer support also earned high marks. 

"Proton Mail is one of the best secure email platforms you can choose. Its encryption has been tested several times by law enforcement and found secure," said TechRadar's Desire Athow. "For instance, Proton Mail won a 2021 Swiss court victory ruling that secure email services aren't subject to data retention requirements imposed on telecoms services."

Unlike many email services that earn revenue from ads or other means, Proton Mail requires a subscription for unlimited use. The individual plan costs $11.99 per month, and the family plan costs $29.99 per month. Paying for 12 or 24 months upfront will get you a significant discount.

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