NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution can upscale videos, and it's around the corner for Edge and Chrome

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What you need to know

  • NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution upscales videos to 4K using artificial intelligence.
  • The feature is set to ship in February 2023.
  • NVIDIA added support for RTX Super Resolution to Edge and Chrome in October 2022 but it will not be enabled until the first 530.xx GPU driver comes out.

NVIDIA's GPUs aren't just for gaming and creative work. The company continues to add features to PCs featuring the latest RTX graphics cards. NVIDIA Broadcast enhances video calls and voice calls if you're running recent NVIDIA hardware. Soon, those with RTX 30-series and RTX 40-series GPUs will also be able to upscale videos that they watch.

During CES 2023, NVIDIA announced a new feature called RTX Video Super Resolution. It upscales video to up to 4K using artificial intelligence. A demo video (shown below) illustrates the technology at work on a YouTube video.

Near the end of that clip, NVIDIA states that RTX Video Super Resolution is on the way to Chrome and Edge in February 2023.

NVIDIA clarified to PC Gamer that RTX Video Super Resolution will be able to upscale videos from anywhere between 360p and 1440p. The tool will work with videos with up to a 144Hz refresh rate.

To use the feature, a PC will have to run on an RTX 30-series or RTX 40-series GPU.

Twitter user Dennis Martin Herbers added some context that may help narrow down the release date of NVIDIA RTX Video Super Resolution. They pointed out that NVIDIA added support for the feature to Chrome and Edge back in October 2022. RTX Video Super Resolution should be enabled with the first 530.xx GPU drivers, which Herbers says are "imminent."

Upscaling is becoming more common for systems with powerful hardware. NVIDIA DLSS boosts the frame rate and visual fidelity of support games. Now, NVIDIA is bringing its AI tech to standard videos.

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