Microsoft Teams is down: Outages take out Office, Azure, Xbox, and more (Update)

Microsoft Office 365
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Update 1/25/2023 @ 9 AM (EST)

The Microsoft 365 team reports positive feedback following rollbacks to recent server changes, and most cloud services have returned to normal. Additional infrastructure is being connected to further bolster the fixes as Microsoft Teams and Outlook return to their standard functionality alongside other software relying on Azure.

What you need to know

  • Several Microsoft 365 services have been impacted by server issues, including Teams, Outlook, and Office reporting issues on Downdetector.
  • Xbox Live and Microsoft Store apps connected to Microsoft Azure servers suffer similar issues with downloading content.
  • Microsoft is aware of the issues and has isolated the problem with a strategy to recover the services with minimal further disruption.

Multiple cloud-based services from Microsoft are currently suffering from outage issues due to internal networking issues. Businesses across the globe reported an inability to access the Microsoft 365 suite, including Outlook email and the Teams conferencing app, prompting a response from the official Twitter account.

Within a few hours of acknowledging the issues, @MSFT365Status followed up with its plan to troubleshoot and plan for the best strategy to repair the server issues promptly. A recent change suspected to have caused the outage is now being rolled back as employees monitor the situation.

If your workplace or home life has been affected by this outage, check the official Microsoft service health status website for the latest details. Losing access to Teams has affected internal messages for many businesses, with even LinkedIn affected due to its reliance on the Azure server network. Gamers will feel the effects of server issues across Xbox Live, but the service should return shortly as Microsoft engineers rapidly address the problems.

Has your business or personal life been affected by this recent downtime? Share your experience with us on Twitter @WindowsCentral or Mastodon while we patiently wait for the Microsoft 365 services to return to normal.

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