Phone Link can finally connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 PC... kind of

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Phone Link is now rolling out to iOS.
  • Phone Link for iOS includes support for calls, messages, and access to contacts.
  • Support for Phone Link for iOS is rolling out gradually, so you may not receive access for a few weeks.

Microsoft Phone Link now works with iPhones. The app, which has been available and fully supported with Android devices for years, can now be used to connect Windows 11 PCs and iPhones. Microsoft just announced that Phone Link for iOS is rolling out to global audiences, including 39 languages across 85 markets.

While the app helps connect PCs and iPhones, Phone Link for iOS is basic when compared to Phone Link for Android. The version for iOS can't run phone apps, which is something you can do with Phone Link for Android. Photos aren't supported either on the iOS version. Microsoft recommends using the iCloud integration with the Windows 11 Photos app instead.

The limitations of Phone Link are likely due to the closed nature of Apple's ecosystem. iMessage and other interoperability features between iOS, iPadOS, and macOS are major selling points for Apple hardware. Microsoft getting Phone Link to work with iPhones at the level available now could be considered an accomplishment.

As broken down by The Verge, Phone Link intercepts messages by using a Bluetooth connection. This setup allows the app to send messages through iMessage (blue bubble gang rejoice). It does have limitations, however, such as not supporting group messages through iMessage.

In order to use Phone Link for iOS, your phone needs to be on iOS 14 or higher and your PC needs to be on Windows 11. The feature not support iPad or macOS, so your only option is to have an iPhone and Windows 11 PC.

Phone Link comes preinstalled on Windows 11, so it's likely already on your PC. Opening the app on your computer will present you with a guide on how to connect the app to your phone. As a reminder, you may not see the option to connect an iPhone to Phone Link for a few weeks since support is rolling out gradually.

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