Do some Xbox Cloud Gaming with $25 off the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro

Nvidia Shield Android TV Pro
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Identifying a good deal can be tricky sometimes because prices can often be inconsistent. One thing about the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro: it sells for $200. It's always $200. It drops from that price very rarely, and when it does you can bet we've written about it. The last time it dropped was back in August. If you missed that deal, today is your second chance because you can get it for $174.99 at Amazon and other retailers like Best Buy

Of course, if you don't want the Pro version you can save on the basic NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV streaming media player. It is also on sale for just $124.99 at Amazon, which is down from its regular $150 price. While it doesn't have quite the same range of features, one nice thing about it is that it is a lot more compact.

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro $200 $174.99 at Amazon

NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$200 $174.99 at Amazon

You can do a lot with a media player like this. Not only does it have access to all of your favorite streaming apps, but it also has multiple ways to play video games including built-in apps and cloud gaming. 

You have so many options with a device like this. Start with the gaming. If you're running a PC with a Nvidia graphics card (RTX 4080 anyone?) then you can stream your games through this device to your big screen. We break down how to do it right here.

That's already cool enough, but then you can add Xbox Cloud gaming to that as well. This is a service that comes free with Game Pass Ultimate, and you can use it to play dozens of games on your TV without even needing an actual Xbox. That's only a couple of the gaming avenues available to you with this device. 

Add in the built-in Android TV that gives you access to all your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Stream your favorite shows or catch up on some Christmas movies. It even has a Plex Media Server built into it so you can use Plex to watch all your content on your network through one device. 

The media player also has two USB 3.0 ports which can be used to connect peripherals like a gaming controller. And it is compatible with Google Assistant so you can control aspects of your new media device with your voice or even control the rest of your smart home without getting up from your couch.

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