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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 preorders and where to find stock - live report

Don't miss your chance to get an RTX 4080 preorder before the scalpers.

RTX 4080 graphics card
(Image: © NVIDIA)

The RTX 4080 preorders are underway and while most sold out on day one (November 16), it is still possible to find some stock. However, in the US, the cheaper $1200 models are long gone and most of the stock we've seen remaining starts around $1500 instead. In the UK the cheapest options have been snapped up too, but we've seen RTX 4080 stock remaining from around £1349. This live blog will be tracking all the best retailers as and when more RTX 4080 restocks appear online. 

You're in good hands as we've been covering these hard-to-find hardware launches for years now, most recently with the RTX 4090 stock on preorder day last month. That particular card did of course sell out on day one, but nowhere near as fast as the 30-series cards did last year.

That's encouraging for the RTX 4080 launch too as scalpers aren't quite as interested as they were, with bots seemingly not snapping everything up within the first few minutes of stock going online. And with cryptocurrencies around the world crashing hard lately there's less demand for the best mining GPUs, leaving more cards for gamers to enjoy.

We've included some links to retailers below with the latest info and our live blog further down the page. Some have listings on-site now, but not available to add to basket just yet as they're either sold out or listed as 'coming soon', while some stores haven't had anything showing at all yet. We'll provide more detailed links along with the latest information on RTX 4080 prices and we'll also shout out any pre-builds we see rocking 4080s as they might be your best bet once the individual cards have gone.

US: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080

UK: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080


Where can I find RTX 4080 preorders?

In the US, the first places to check are going to be Best Buy and Newegg as those stores have listings online right now ready to go once preorders officially begin. We've linked to those listing pages above. B&H Photo will likely get listings online on the day. 

Amazon, despite being the biggest store in the world is oddly slow with graphics card launches and we didn't see it get involved with the 4090 launch last month. Worth checking for sure, but we're not optimistic. Likewise with Walmart, as we've only seen a few overpriced third-party sellers put GPU units online in the past.

In the UK, Overclockers, Scan, Ebuyer, and Novatech all have various SKUs ready right now. Amazon and Currys have nothing showing in advance. We don't expect to see much movement from Amazon once everyone else goes live, but Currys has stocked other GPUs in the past, so might be worth a look.  

What time does the RTX 4080 go on sale?

Expect to see retailer listings for the RTX 4080 to go live around 6am PT, 9am ET and 2pm GMT on November 16 2022. 

Some of the listings are online already, but you're unable to add them to your basket. But once these times roll around expect to see those greyed out buttons pop and you'll be able to buy one if you're quick enough. refreshing your screen will help after these times too. 

Is the RTX 4080 12GB version still being released?

No, Nvidia officially canceled it last month after the initial reveal. Things are now much simpler as the RTX 4080 will only come in a 16GB model. Much of this was due to the backlash from the gaming community that saw a 12GB  model as much less powerful and more in line with what would be expected from a 70-series card. As things stand though, an RTX 4070 has not been announced, but perhaps the canceled RTX 4080 12GB model might end up coming back early next year as a 4070 card.

Should you buy an older graphics card instead of a 4080?

It's not a bad idea at all, especially given the 40 series has been released at higher prices than last year's models. We have seen various 30 series cards lately at much more reasonable prices now that scalpers have lost interest. You should 100% avoid preowned units appearing on auction sites and the like though as they could be ex-crypto farm models that have been thrashed pretty hard over the last year or so.

Check out JD's guide on the latest graphics card deals instead and see if you can bag yourself a bargain today.

What is the RTX 4080's price and MSRP?

While it's less expensive than the RTX 4090's eye-watering $1,599 MSRP, the price of the RTX 4080 is still quite high. At $1,199, the new card is nearly twice as expensive as the last generation RTX 3080, so don't expect to get your hands on one if you're on a tight budget. For the people that can afford it, though, the RTX 4080 offers some of the best gaming and productivity GPU performance available in a PC, making it an attractive choice for high-end gaming, streaming, content creation, and other creative applications.

Keep in mind that while the $1,119 MSRP is the baseline price for the 4080, some versions of the GPU manufactured by NVIDIA's partners like ZOTAC, MSI, and GIGABYTE will have higher prices due to their custom cooling designs and other bonus features like RGB lighting and mini displays. 

The RTX 4080 Founder's Edition

(Image credit: Windows Central / Daniel Rubino)

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live blog for the launch and rollout of NVIDIA's highly-anticipated RTX 4080 GPU! While it's quite expensive compared to previous generations of 80-series cards, the 4080 nevertheless represents one of the best GPUs money can buy if you're in need of something for high-performance 4K gaming, streaming, editing and content creation, or intensive productivity work. Positioned about $400 below the RTX 4090's MSRP, the 4080 will be a great choice for people that want top-notch GPU horsepower but can live without having the absolute best of the best.

Now that GPU supply chain issues have finally begun to subside, getting your hands on an RTX 4080 should hopefully be easier than it was to purchase a 30-series GPU. We anticipate that the card will sell out worldwide on launch day, but if the rollout works out like the 4090's did, stock will be available for a good portion of the day. Additionally, you can expect multiple waves of fresh cards that will replenish digital shelves throughout the next week, along with a variety of pre-built systems that will pair the 4080 with other top components like Intel's 13th Gen "Raptor Lake" CPUs and speedy modules of the best DDR5 RAM on the market.

Even if you're not planning on getting a 40-series GPU, it's an exciting time to be a PC gamer. That's because cards from the previous 30-series generation have seen big price drops, giving budget and mid-range gamers an opportunity to pick up a quality GPU for a great price. While the 3070, 3080, and 3090 fall short of what the 4080 and 4090 are capable of, they're still fantastic cards in their own right, and offer amazing value. I've been daily driving a beautiful 180Hz 3440x1440 ultrawide monitor with a RTX 3070 and i5-12600K-powered rig for the better part of two years now, and even when playing games at the highest settings, the experience has been excellent.

Ultimately, whether you're looking to snag a 4080 or take advantage of lower 30-series prices, we'll have plenty of useful updates and links for you during our extensive coverage of the new GPU's launch. Here's to high supply, high frame rates, and great deals. — Brendan Lowry, Windows Central Contributor

We're only hours away from the launch of the RTX 4080 now. If you're planning on trying to get one right as they become available, there are a few things you can do ahead of the GPU's release to improve your chances of successfully purchasing one. 

First, we recommend saving all your important billing and shipping information on the accounts you use across various retail sites. This ensures that you won't have to worry about entering these details in at checkout, which will help you confirm your order easily and quickly. Every second counts when buying a highly-anticipated GPU like the 4080, so take some time to enter your information ahead of the rush.

It's also a good idea to make sure you have a stable and reliable internet connection available ahead of release time. After all, it's going to be difficult to checkout in a timely manner if webpages take forever to load! People with high-speed internet plans won't have to worry about this, but if your connection is less than ideal, it's worth optimizing your speed as much as you can. Make sure you aren't streaming video or performing big downloads while trying to snag a card, and if the system you're using to search for available 4080s uses Wi-Fi, try and stay as close to a network access point as possible.

Once you've saved all your billing and shipping details and have a stable connection ready to use, you'll be all set for the big launch. Good luck! — Brendan Lowry

Best Buy logo on blue background

(Image credit: Best Buy)

Next up is Best Buy. The selection isn't as extensive as Newegg's, but the big retailer has done well over recent GPU launches and is always worth a look for stock. MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and more are represented today.

Hot Tip: We're seeing plenty of retailers offering email notifications for once stock is online for the listings currently dormant on the site, usually with a button like 'Notify when available.' We wouldn't hold much faith in that option for RTX 4080 preorder stock today as they're often too slow to send those emails for items that get sniped as soon as they appear on digital shelves again. They work much better for sold out items with less demand.

However, B&H Photo is actually locking RTX 4080 preorders behind a waiting list, which you do actually need to sign up for. Shoppers will then be emailed once stock is available on a first come first served basis. So it's basically going to be a mad scramble, but at an unknown time. Great.

So your best option remains to be very ready at 9am ET/2pm GMT as that's when we expect things to come online properly at other stores and be available for purchase. If you miss out today though, it might be worth signing up for email notifications, and just regularly check the links we've highlighted over the next few days. We've barely seen the 4090 since launch day though, so today really does feel like your best shot for the RTX 4080.

Can you buy the RTX 4080 from the NVIDIA store?

You'd certainly think so, but this answer is highly likely to be no. Nvidia's site does indeed look like a store when you search through the graphics card section. But as we saw with the previous RTX card, clicking a 'Buy now' button simple brings up a pop up screen with a list of retailers. Ones we've already highlighted numerous times in this article. 

The 4080 buttons are greyed out so far and just say 'coming soon', but we expect them to show links to retailers later on today. There are a few ready buttons on the 4090, but when you click head on over to the selected retailers they are, of course, sold out. Stick with us if you want the freshest information today on the RTX 4080 preorders. 

And we're away! Best Buy links haven't quite popped, but stock is happening at Newegg right now! The Add to Cart button is very much clickable on a range of SKUs.

We'd keep checking the other stores we've suggested too as we expect them to come online imminently. Especially if they have listings pending already.

Stock is flying at plenty of stores right now. We've just updated the list above to reflect where still available stock has been sighted. The UK in particular has a wide selection of retailers to choose from.

In the US, Newegg is the hottest right now but Best Buy will be well worth checking. Some Best Buy links are listed as 'sold out', others as 'coming soon'. We're not 100% the sold out ones have even come online yet, so don't give up on them just yet.

The following individual cards are currently still in stock at Newegg. The other ones we mentioned further down this page are sold out, but that might only be temporary, and it looks like some might have not yet even come online at all yet, so keep checking.

The OcUK Gaming Hatchet

(Image credit: Overclockers UK)

If you're struggling to get a standalone RTX 4080 GPU, consider opting for a pre-built system equipped with one instead. The cost will likely be a bit higher than what it would cost to build a PC on your own, but since pre-builts typically sell out much slower than individual cards, you'll have a much better chance of actually being able to buy them. 

A variety of different 4080-equipped pre-builts are expected to become available throughout the following days and weeks, but right now, folks in the UK can pick up the OcUK Gaming Hatchet PC from Overclockers UK. This beastly machine pairs the RTX 4080 with up to an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X or 7950X, up to 64GB of speedy DDR5 RAM, up to two 2TB M.2 NVMe SSDs, up to a 4TB 2.5" SATA SSD, and a large 1000W 80 Plus Gold PSU. Additionally, it comes with full support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as snazzy RGB, a triple-fan CPU water cooler, and an attractive Phanteks G500 case that features a mesh front panel and a tempered glass side panel. If you'd like, you can opt for an RTX 4090 instead of a 4080, too.

The price for the Gaming Hatchet starts at around £3,703, though if you choose to outfit it with all the finest bells and whistles, you'll have to pay more than that. Ultimately, it's far from cheap, but thanks to the inclusion of the new RTX 4080, it's undoubtedly one of the most powerful pre-built PCs that money can buy.

While RTX 4080s have been flying off shelves ever since they went on sale this morning, we've seen some refreshes in the UK keep the availability of the new GPU steady. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for retailers in the US, although a couple cards are in stock at Newegg and Best Buy has some "coming soon" listings in place for a few different 4080 SKUs.

Below, we've compiled a list of direct links to currently available 4080s in both the US and the UK. Grab 'em while you can! UK buyers can get the majority of the available cards from Overclockers UK, though make sure to check out the links to other retailers we've provided at the head of the live blog as well since other retailers have stock, too.



While US stock of RTX 4080 SKUs has depleted quite rapidly, there's still plenty of launch day hope for folks that don't mind buying a pre-built PC instead of building their own. A wide variety of pre-built systems have just gone live on Walmart and B&H, and in addition to the powerful RTX 4080, they feature 13th Gen Intel and AMD Ryzen 7 7000 AM4 CPUs, DDR5 memory, large SSDs, and plenty of strong cooling and RGB lighting to go around.

Below, you'll find a list of all the pre-built systems available in the US that we've found so far, including machines put together by the popular PC builder CyberPowerPC.

A few additional RTX 4080 GPUs have gone on sale at Newegg after initially going out of stock earlier in the day thanks to a fresh wave of cards. These, in addition to the other SKUs Newegg is selling that we highlighted in the posts below, are your best bet if you're a US customer.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

(Image credit: Windows Central)

The RTX 4080 is a beast of a GPU, but that doesn't mean that its last-gen RTX 3080 and 3080 Ti counterparts aren't worthy of consideration — especially since a handful of these GPUs are available for discounted prices thanks to early Black Friday deals on PC components. While these cards aren't as performant as the latest and greatest, they're still good choices for 4K gaming and will crush resolutions lower than that. There are also plenty of these GPUs to go around, so you don't need to worry about dwindling supplies.

We're not saying you should give up on getting a 4080 and settle for something less if you really want one just yet, as some stock might return before the year's out. However, taking advantage of these deals on last gen 80-class cards is a great way to save some money and easily secure a GPU while still getting strong performance.

As we enter day 2 of the RTX 4080 preorders we're seeing much more stock is still available compared to the same time after the 3080 and 4090 cards released as there was nothing left the morning after save for picking up a pre-built PC with one inside.

The cheapest models have indeed all gone though in the US, so you're looking at layout out $1500 or more at the time of writing if you want a 4080. Over in the UK there are more options available as yes, the cheapest ones has gone too, but you can still get cards for around £1349.

You might be wondering why there is still some stock available, even if it is only the pricier editions. Well, perhaps there's a bit of hesitancy in the air for gamers looking to upgrade their rig.

You see, while most of the reviews out there have been positive (ours is coming soon, by the way) and have praised the power of the RTX 4080 compared to last year's 3080 model (and even the 3090 Ti), they're also fairly unanimous in saying the price hike just isn't justifiable for what you're getting. 

That's even more so when you consider the even more impressive RTX 4090 card seems like the better value option with prices starting at $1599. That may well be true, but those $1599 4090 models have been impossible to find of late. But let's face it, both cards haven't been out that long and it's not like NVIDIA and pals aren't trying to produce more as we speak (you are, guys....right?) so why should you spend close to that for one of the remaining 4080 cards when you might get lucky at some point soon and get an all-conquering 4090 for the same price? 

It's a tough call, but yes, you should vote with your wallet on this matter and perhaps hold out for the return of 4090 cards, or maybe wait until the base model 4080s return for around $1200 as we're well and truly into silly-money territory anyway at this point for both cards. 

John's cheap graphics card deals page could save you hundreds of bucks if you're happy to consider something from last year instead too, to be honest.

What about Black Friday RTX 4080 deals?

Before launch day I would have laughed at you, but you know, I reckon there is something of a chance. Only on the higher-end models though in all reality as those ones haven't shifted as soon as I thought and are the only ones in stock. 

We're not talking big discounts, and perhaps it's more likely they'll be included in some sort of bundle with a processor or maybe some extra RAM with a modest overall discount - probably actually just money off the other components really.

Discounts on some gaming rigs with the new RTX 4080s inside are perhaps the most likely option. You better believe we'll be watching stores like hawks to let you know about any drops. We'll be shouting out any decent graphics card and other discounted parts over on our Black Friday PC components deals page too.

Another reason some would-be upgraders might be holding off on picking up a new RTX 4080 GPU is the issues around the 4090 card melting some cables. Not something you should put up with at all on a card that might cost you close to two grand. 

NVIDIA has recently responded, albeit a few weeks after the problem was initially reported. Fingers crossed the 4080 isn't going to suffer similar issues. We've not heard anything from the reviews so far at least.