After 37 years, Microsoft Paint is FINALLY getting dark mode support on Windows 11, and you can try it right now!

Dark mode in Windows Paint
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Update July 13 4:32 PM ET: Microsoft shipped an update today that adds dark mode to Paint. The update is available to Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel running version 11.2304.26.0.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has announced a preview version of Windows Paint that supports dark mode.
  • The new Paint will be coming in an update to all users later this year.
  • Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels can test it starting today.

FINALLY! After being announced alongside the original version of Windows 11 in 2021, Microsoft is finally making available a preview version of the Windows Paint app that supports dark mode, 37 long years after the app first debuted in Windows 1.0 in 1985.

The new Paint app with dark mode is rolling out in preview today for Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels and will roll out to all users later this year. In addition to the new dark mode, Paint is also getting some nice quality-of-life improvements in the "zoom" department, with finer granular increments now available via a new drop-down menu.

Windows Paint received its first major overhaul in years alongside the original launch version of Windows 11. At the time, Microsoft had promised more features coming to the Paint app soon, including dark mode and a centered canvas. While we're still waiting for the centered canvas, it's good to see dark mode finally show up two years on.

Windows 11 paint in dark mode

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft just announced a bunch of new features coming soon to Windows 11, including a new AI Copilot, 7zip and .RAR support in File Explorer, ungrouping Taskbar items, and the ability to customize RGB devices, among many others. These features are expected to ship as part of the version 23H2 feature update coming in the fall, and it looks like we can add dark mode in Paint to the mix.

Windows 11 is getting more features as soon as this month, too, with updates to the Widgets Board, seconds in the system tray clock, and an updated Photos app rolling out this month.

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