Microsoft confirms Surface and Windows event for this month — new devices and AI features expected

Microsoft Event
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft has published an event page confirming March 21 for its next product unveilings.
  • The digital "New Era of Work" event will take place at 9am PDT.
  • The company will make announcements about Windows, Copilot, and Surface.

Microsoft has today published a special event webpage confirming plans to make new product announcements on March 21. The digital event, dubbed "New Era of Work," will take place at 9am PDT and consist of new Windows 11, Microsoft Copilot, and Surface news.

I reported earlier this week that Microsoft is planning to unveil new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop hardware at this event. Microsoft's upcoming devices are expected to be significant leaps forward in performance and efficiency thanks to new Intel Core Ultra, and later Snapdragon X Elite-based processors that will be powering these new devices. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft will brand these devices as new AI PCs. 

The devices are expected to launch over the coming weeks, beginning in April for the Intel hardware, followed by the Arm hardware in June. Arm is coming to both the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 for the first time, though the company may wait to talk more about the Arm devices closer to June. Sources also say the Surface Laptop will be getting a special commercial-focused variant with a built-in CAC reader. 

Confirmed by the Microsoft event page, the company will also talk about new Windows and Copilot features, possibly tied to the next-gen the neural processing unit (NPU) that will be found in these new devices. Microsoft is working on an "AI Explorer" feature that acts as an advanced Copilot that can turn everything you do on your PC into a searchable memory using natural language. 

Microsoft could also take this event as an opportunity to formally announce the next major Windows 11 update, known as Windows 11 version 24H2.

We'll be covering the event as it happens on March 21 at 9am PDT. So keep it locked to Windows Central for all the news as it happens.

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  • naddy69
    "Microsoft is working on an "AI Explorer" feature that acts as an advanced Copilot that can turn everything you do on your PC into a searchable memory using natural language."

    And where is this "searchable memory" going to be stored? Locally? How much space is this going to waste? Can I edit/remove/delete this?

    Stored in the cloud? How? Who has access to it? The company I am working for? Can I change it to NOT be stored in the cloud? Can I turn this entire "feature" off?

    Am I the only person asking these questions? The last thing I want is my PC watching/tracking/storing EVERYTHING I do.

    This is the 1984 Apple "Big Brother" commercial becoming a reality. It does not get any creepier than this.