Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix' is an internal reimagining of the Edge web browser with a new UI and more features

Edge Phoenix
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Microsoft is working on a reimagining of the Edge web browser, codenamed "Phoenix," that is designed to better differentiate Microsoft Edge from the rest of the browser competition with a fresh new UI that's consistent with Windows 11, unique productivity features and deeper integration with Windows.

First revealed by WalkingCat on Twitter, Edge Phoenix is an internal reimagining of the browser. It's something Microsoft has been working on since last summer and is being built in pieces. Some parts of the Phoenix vision can already be tested using feature flags in the various preview versions of Edge. 

One such feature is the updated UI with rounded tabs and other elements designed to make the browser look more like a native Windows 11 app. 

A new "split view" feature also lets users view two web pages side by side under a single tab. That feature is already in early testing in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is also working on a new Tab Activity Center feature, which will provide insights and breakdowns into your browser usage over time, just like Screen Time or Digital Wellbeing on an iPhone or Android device.

Phoenix also focuses on better integrating the browser with Windows, with ideas such as treating Edge as the password manager for all of Windows and allowing the user to set up Edge alongside Windows during the out-of-the-box experience phase.

It's currently unclear if Microsoft plans to ship its vision for Edge Phoenix in one go or if parts of it will trickle out over time as new versions of Edge are released. Either way, it appears Microsoft is serious about keeping its Edge browser fresh and competitive in the browser market. Will the features of Edge Phoenix convince you to give Edge a try?

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