Setting up your Surface Laptop Studio 2 (or any Windows 11 PC) just got more fun

Surface Laptop Studio 2 photos
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What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently incorporated a new addition to the Windows 11 setup process, a game dubbed SkiFree, designed to make the process more entertaining.
  • The discovery was made while setting up a Surface Laptop Studio 2.
  • It's unclear if this nifty addition is limited to new Surface devices or if Microsoft added it to the Windows 11 setup process for all devices.
  • The company made a similar addition to Microsoft Edge, allowing users to play the game when they lost internet connection.

The Windows 11 setup process can be daunting and boring, especially if you're a non-technical user. While we've got you covered with a detailed guide that will walk you through the entire process, from the initial setup to installing updates, Microsoft has quietly made a neat addition to the setup process to make it more interesting and entertaining. 

According to a spot by the folks at The Verge, the company now prompts users to play a modernized version of its SkiFree game while updates are installed into the Windows device. You might recall Microsoft making a similar addition to its Chromium-based browser, Edge, back in 2020. The essence behind this addition was to occupy users with the "pixelated surfing game" every time they experienced intermittent internet connection. The game is inspired by the old Windows game SkiFree, where you're presented with obstacles to try to avoid while advancing.

It's not yet clear if this will be the case when setting up Windows 11 on any device, but per the report, this happened while setting up the OS on a Surface Laptop Studio 2. The Verge's Tom Warren speculates that the team option appears for users "if there are outstanding Windows updates available" or when "restoring settings using Windows Backup."

A screenshot showcasing the SkiFree game in action during the Windows 11 setup process on a Surface Laptop Studio 2. (Image credit: Tom Warren)

This is a welcomed addition to the Windows 11 setup that will help kill boredom while the user tries to navigate the entire process. To this end, Microsoft has yet to shed more light on whether this addition is limited to new Surface devices or will be available for all devices.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft incorporating a game into the Windows 11 setup process? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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