Some AT&T Stores Selling the Fuze Early, Get Ready

We're celebrating Fuze Launch Day one day early here at WMExperts. It's not just that we've published a full review of the Fuze, but we're also finding ourselves all over the web checking things out.

If you're interested in picking up a Fuze yourself, BGR [via mobilty site] notes that tomorrow is looking pretty firm. If you can't wait that long, wmpoweruser points us to this phonenews report that some AT&T stores have jumped the gun and are selling the Fuze today instead of holding off until tomorrow.

For those not lucky enough to be near one of these mythical AT&T stores, you can pass the time by checking out the new Fuze Mobility Podcast (welcome to the audio-based internets, guys!) and they've also posted a great list of software and tweaks to get downloaded for future use on a Fuze. Otherwise, you can just gaze on the screenshot of the official HTC Fuze Page that temporarily popped up.

Finally, we'd like to point out that up until this very sentence, we're relatively sure that WMExperts has managed to abstain from making any 'short Fuze' or 'Fuzing form and function' or 'inFuzed with power' puns. You're welcome.

WC Staff