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Some Groove subscribers can keep free OneDrive storage through December 2018

Microsoft recently announced its plans to kill the Groove Music Pass by the end of 2017, directing fans to Spotify in its stead. For subscribers, that also means an end to the free 100GB of OneDrive storage that comes as a perk with the service. However, at least some subscribers will get to hold on to that free storage through the end of 2018.

Microsoft has started emailing Groove subscribers, informing them that they'll continue to receive 100GB of free storage through December 31, 2018 (via From Microsoft:

As you may have heard, we are partnering with Spotify and discontinuing the Groove Music Pass service. You received additional OneDrive storage as part of your subscription. To be sure your cloud storage needs are taken care of during this transition, you will have your 100 GB of OneDrive bonus storage for free until December 31st, 2018.After December 31, 2018, your storage limit will be reduced to the standard free storage plan. Check out our OneDrive paid storage plans if you need additional storage. For more details on Groove Music subscription, cancellation, and refunds, read our FAQ.

Curiously, Microsoft's own FAQ (opens in new tab) on the Groove Music Pass shutdown still says that the bonus OneDrive storage is due to end on December 31, 2017, "unless you are contacted by Microsoft." It's not clear if this offer is being extended to all subscribers or not, or what conditions must be met to be offered the extra year of storage.

Given Groove users will be limited to their own music stored on OneDrive after Music Pass is discontinued, the extra storage period could come in handy. At the very least, it offers some extra time to pick and transition to another service.

Have you received an extension from Microsoft?

Thanks to Rafael for hte tip!

With Groove dead, what service are you streaming?

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  • I got the extension and it's b/c I'm in the category of people who will be over the free OneDrive limit once the 100 GB from Groove goes away.  In the FAQ, there's a question about this scenario and the answer is: Microsoft will follow up directly with the small number of Groove Music Pass customers in this situation and provide options to take care of their needs. So at least they are following through with an option other than "Buy Office 365", which is what I was expecting...
  • So basically 100gb free storage without the description cost. Nice. 100GB is $5 a month or so
  • It sucks getting screwed over by Microsoft three times.
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  • Sorry, but does this mean that the free Onedrive storage continues after December 2018? If I go 'through' a tunnel, for instance, it just means that I've got to the other end. It doesn't necessarily mean that I've stopped. 
  • Will I still be able to download songs on my PC and upload to my Phone via USB?
  • Are you talking about OTG?