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This simple but awesome mod brings Lego to the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 may be running low on inventory, but a Reddit user with the handle "Splice1138" has come up with a brilliant, but simple, hardware mod for the tablet. It involves placing a grey Lego faceplate on the back of the Surface Pro 3 so it can be used to attach accessories.

Splice1138 posted up a series of photos on Imgur showing how the Lego faceplate was cut and sanded down so that it could be taped to the Surface Pro 3's back. The edges had to be sanded down to allow the tablet's built-in kickstand to keep working, although it doesn't have as much range.

Lego Surface

This allows for accessories like a USB hub, a power cord, a PC mouse and more to attach to the back of the Lego faceplate, and thus eliminate a lot of awkwardness in carrying extra items for the Surface Pro 3. He even put in his version of a Windows logo on the faceplate. He states:

"I'm happy to sacrifice a little range for the convenience and fun of sticking things to the back of my Surface. I've already gotten several compliments in the field, people instantly recognize LEGO."

Even though this modification was made for the Surface Pro 3, the same Lego faceplate could also be cut down and taped onto any Surface tablet model. What kinds of things would you attach to a "Lego-ized" Surface tablet? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Imgur

  • Smart
  • What if we made just Velcro strips and matching Velcro for accessories, not as pretty but same functionality.
  • Or just attach magnets to the accessories...should stick to the back of the device, but not the kickstand, no?
  • I thought magnets were kinda no-no for electronics and phones especially?
  • They're not a danger anymore, not for a well-built device. The issue with magnets was the danger of the magnet either wiping your memory or shifting internal components but I do not believe a magnet is a danger to an SSD nor can it shift components in such a confined, tightly packed device. Also remember that there are already magnets on the Surface Pro 4: One for the Type Cover and one for the Surface Pen.
  • Fair point, I guess it is possible, I stil feel velcro would be more secure than magents... maybe a small clip/holder function would work also? Instead of a built in housing, just exterir frame clips?
  • I think a large part of the appeal of this "solution" is the nostalgia and immediate recognisability of Legos.
  • Don't forget about the damage you could do to a screen with long term exposure to strong unshielded magnets. Not sure if that's still an issue!
  • I'm not certain about that one, but strong enough magnets will simply tear apart or crush any metal device so, of course, magnets can still be a problem. However, I'm highly doubtful anybody would lack the foresight necessary to not use overpowered magnets. The magnets present in the Surface Pro 4 are likely shielded and of moderate strength.
  • Lol it's not a CRT...
  • The Surfaces outer shell isn't magnetic. That's why you can't just stick the pen anywhere on it. The spots for the pen to stay have special magnets put there to keep it in place. Same goes for attaching the keyboard.
  • A friend of mine has an iPhone case that is also a really strong magnet. "Comes in handy for working on cars" he says (I guess he uses the flashlight on the phone and sticks it somewhere up in the body of the car) I was taken back by the fact that magnets and computers/tech have always been a bad combination like stated above... but I reckon things are more magnetically shielded nowadays?
  • They are, for the most part. :)
  • If a magnetic component is not OEM designed to work with the device there will be risk. I brought a magnetic charging cable for my girlfriend's xperia z3 because we did't want to open the flap every time we charge. Used it for a few weeks and the phone's docking connector stopped working. Possibly the charger's magnet pull internal components apart.
  • Superglue anyone?
  • this such a simple and clever solution.
    made me smile. :)
  • This one is Super Cool...
  • Noice!
  • It would be possible also build a dock or stand with LEGOs. I made one for my iPad myself
  • I made a couple for our Lumia's years ago.
  • Where and how to buy it!?
  • You don't buy it, you build it
  • How?
  • Check the source link, there you can see all the process ;)
  • Lego and adhesive of choice?
  • Genius
  • Love it
  • awesome
  • Awesome Sauce!
  • Awesome
  • Looks cool!!
  • What a sheer genius!
  • I would sacrifice full lego coverage to keep more range.  I might only lego the bottom hinge at that to reduce weight on the system with peripherals on the top. Sweet idea.
  • Brilliant!
  • I just got a SP3.  I would do this!  Looks awesome.
  • Yep now we can attach a usb hub, charger holder, maybe phone case, and other cool accessories... And the Microsoft logo, just for good measure...
  • USFUL?
  • Even with toys glued on, much less of a toy than the iPad Pro.
  • It's not a toy, it's a highly sophisticated interlocking brick system.
  • Xbox one? ;)
  • What do you mean? I was just quoting The LEGO Movie.
  • I disagree with the iPad Pro being a toy, though.
  • X2 Thinking about getting one myself... Those speakers have to be heard! And that pen(cil)!
  • 3D printer gold
  • Neat and interesting, but I feel most of those coudl have been attached with velcro or something a bit less work-intensive and obstructing.
  • yet not nearly as awesome
  • This is another *smack* why didn't I think of this! Great idea!
  • What are all the accessories? I have none for my SP3
  • Now I wish surface had a removable back like 950 so we could buy interesting things like this!
  • This is very tempting to try. Posted via my HTC One M7
  • That's dope!!
  • The Surface is cooled through the back, this will cook it. 
  • No it's not... it's cooled through the slits on the sides.
  • Cooled via the vents running along the sides
  • This^^^
  • Ok MS. This is a chance you have to make a deal with LEGO to make cases and accessories like this. Go with Mega Blocks if you have to but jump on it.
  • +Halo tie-in and it is perfect!
  • Genius!!! Lego should tailor make and market!
  • Fun - decent results too. I did this same thing with my SP2 a while back. At first I was a bit concerned with impeding heat dissipation, but the difference is minimal. And strong / thin double stick tape is the way to go - there are more substantial adhesives, like super glue, but if you need to make adjustments or repairs to the LEGO covering, super glue would make the process very problematic, the double stick tape is secure, but still accessible. I've got mine tailored to fit with the Freedom Case I use on the SP2 as well as my Dell USB3 Dock (sweet connecting 3 additional displays to the Surface) and my assortment of USB accessories. The LEGO also acts as a makeshift armor for the rear face of the surface.
  • Thats sad when ms partnered with mb instead
  • too bad no options for external battery... not a flaw in his design, just a flaw in surface 
  • MSFT make this official
  • Take my money and why this idea didn't came to my mind. Seriously awesome Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool and good looking idea.