Sony Ericsson announces Xperia X2

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the Xperia X2. The latest iteration features the familiar panels interface but also debuts SlideView, "which provides quick access to frequently used phone activities."

Like with the original X1 (read our review), there actually are two versions of the X2, with the X2a the version with U.S.-compatible 3G bands. That said, there's no U.S. availability mentioned anywhere, and the X2a appears slated for Australia and New Zealand.

Specs are a little incomplete, but we'll start you off with a massive 8.1-megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabilization, geotagging, a 16x digital zoom, flash and more. Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional is on board the 3.2-inch 480x800 touchscreen (resistive, still, unfortunately). There's quad-band EDGE and tri-band (850/900/1900) on the 3G side.

Sony Ericsson says the X2 will be available in the fourth quarter. No word yet on pricing, but you can bet it'll cost a pretty penny. Next question is whether the X2 will get any support from U.S. carriers, after the X1 was spurned. Get the full rundown here, and we've got more pictures after the break.

Oh, and if new hardware's not enough, SE's opened up the panel SDK. Get the lowdown on that here.

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  • So I guess the new thing now to bash WM phone's for is resistive screen technology. By your reckoning then every WM device from the TP2 onwards is not worth purchasing unless it has a capacitive screen. Please go back and amend all the previous reviews on this site that even remotely praised and recommended any WM device since its obvious users have been tricked into believing their phone has worked all this time and they clearly need capacitive screens before they can claim to have a working phone. Strange that none of this was an issue before the iphone came along, here's a thought - scrap WMExperts (since you guys are obviously not interested in WM) and rename all your sites CapacitiveExperts!
  • LOL you sir just brightened up my day!
  • I agree!
  • Very much agreed, I've posted before how I'm very sick of WMexperts going down this road. It is especially dangerous as they have a louder voice than just you or I do when it comes to mfgs paying attention to what a consumer wants. Maybe WMexperts, you should do a pros and cons article on the different touch tech, and then have a poll to see what people want. I for one am very sick of reading stuff like "3.2-inch 480x800 touchscreen (resistive, still, unfortunately)." Why don't you work on becoming a review site instead of a propaganda site?
  • I'm glad that people are finally coming out of the woodwork to defend resistive touchscreens. I thought I was the only person on earth who actual *prefer* them. I hate not being able to use my thumnail on the screen, or not having the option of using a stylus. After one week with the Pre, I went back to the Treo Pro, in no small part because of my frustration with its de riguer capacitive screen. Not everyone is hog wild about pinch-and-zoom and flick-scroll gestures.
  • pinch zoom the biggest piece of shit propaganda that sites love to promote about cap screens. i mean honestly, how convenient is it if you're on a train/bus (like i take to school)and having to use 2 hands to zoom into a page or get the right size zoom when there's standing room only. pinch zoom looks great, but fails horribly when using it in the crucial 1 handed operation test.
  • Any idea if it will have a compass? This is essential for AR (Augmented Reality) applications like Layar. I hope SE has figured out that they are one of the upcoming hot trends.
  • Is it gonna be manufactured by HTC?
  • I think it's manufactured by FoxConn who also do the iPhone. HTC was too expensive.
  • what processor does it have, any one know?
  • Sadly, the same one with X1... You guys know what is it... lol
  • The resistive on my X1 works beautifully with or without stylus... I really don't understand all the resistive hate. I think a lot of users complain simply because iphone = capacitive = they think all phones should do the same but don't know why other than that they read it somewhere in an article...
  • Its one chunkie piece of hardware.
  • I'd really like to see dual screen tech. Resistive+capacitive layer. If it doesn't have both I'm thinking I'd actually prefer resistive. I like to beable to press keys on my phone with different things other then my hand. Like in class I use my pencil to work SpaceTime 3 calculator software. But honestly I don't think they mind about the resistive screen to much I bet they just think it's what we want to here.
  • Hey, i use spacetime 3 during class as well! sometimes during exams but shhh.....
  • I love Sony.
  • So what's wrong with resistive screen?
  • phone look us very smart and sony's system is most pooular. i like it. i like this phone
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  • I don't like capacitive screens for one reason, you can't use the screen while wearing gloves. Capacitive screen require the bio-electrical charge from your skin to work. This means anything that prevent the screen from reading the electricity your body makes, will prevent the screen from reading input. Resistive screens work by the device providing the electricity & a variable resistor layer. When you press on the screen the voltage on the sensor end drops telling the device where you pressed. Being the device supplies the "base" voltage, you can use anything to make the press. On a capacitive screen, what ever presses the screen must have some form of static energy for the capacitors to pick up. Resistive = Resistance based (BTW all sensors used for CAR Engine Control Units are Resistive) Capacitive = Capacitors are used.
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