Xperia X1a Gets US Release Date and Price

Engadget Mobile has word that the phone that's been 'pending' for the US perhaps longer than any other we've been watching finally has an official release date and price. The Xperia X1a (that's the Xperia X1 with the US 3G Bands) will see US release on Friday, November 28th, for a whopping $799. That's an unlocked price, as you may have surmised, which means that as with the Treo Pro, there's no word yet on a subsidized price from AT&T. For now, it appears you'll be heading to or an “authorized Sony retailer” to pick one up.

It seems like it's been an eternity since we gave the Xperia X1 an hands-on review back in April. In retrospect, it might have behooved Sony to keep the bugger under wraps a little longer. Actually, it would have probably behooved them to beat the Fuze (Full Review) to market or at least let us know a clearer release date before the Fuze came out.

Still, we now know it's coming on Black Friday and we know it's going to cost and arm and a leg. Will you be picking one up?

WC Staff