Sony says Xperia X1 still on for Q4

Sony Ericsson's doing a little damage control after reports over the past several days said the much-hyped Windows Mobile Pro device would be delayed until possibly January.

A Reuters report has an SE spokeswoman saying that they're still "on target."

"There is absolutely no delay. The product is on track," Sony Ericsson spokeswoman Merran Wrigley said. "We have said it will roll out in Q4 and we are on target to do that."

So, we continue to wait. And wait. And wait some more. To pass the time, enjoy Dieter's hands-on with the Xperia X1 from CTIA back in April.

Via Engadget Mobile & WM Power User

Update: Can't get enough Xperia? A new promo video from Sony, after the break.


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