Xperia X1 Delay Confirmed: December or January Now

Looks like the HTC Fuze is going to get a little extra time in the spotlight, as Sony Ericsson just confirmed to Engadget that the Xperia X1 is going to be delayed from their “2nd Half of 2008” to “December 2008 or January 2009.”

What I find odd is that it actually held up pretty well for our Hands-on Review of the Xperia X1 back in April. Engadget suspects that Sony Ericsson can't get a handle on making Windows Mobile 6.1 work cleanly and that's not a bad guess: jumping into making WinMo devices without any previous experience is hard.

Good luck to ya, SE, given how long you've been working on this since we saw it, we suspect you're going to need it.

WC Staff