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Sony could bring the PlayStation VR experience to the PC

Sony's own PlayStation VR headset could eventually make its way to the PC. Sony Computer Entertainment's senior VP, Masayasu Ito, told Nikkei that making the headset compatible with the PC is a potential move for the company.

As translated by PC Gamer:

"Since PlayStation 4 shares a lot of its components with PCs, the possibility is there. At the moment we are focused on games and we are not ready to make any announcements at this stage, but I'd say there will be an expansion into various fields."

There's certainly space in the PCVR headset market for a mid-range, affordable option. Sony could well enter with the PlayStation VR and offer gamers access to the virtual reality realm without taking out a series of loans. VR is still considered by many to be the next leap for gaming, which makes any VR headset coming to the PC a very exciting prospect indeed.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • I like this very much. Affordable. As long as it matches a 1080p monitor quality then that's all good.
  • Then again I'm not sure it would need to match 1080p to be a good experience.
  • A 1080p experience would be excellent. Instead of dishing out a lot more money on the Oculus and Vive, I'd advise you to probably buy the PS VR if PC support is coming.
  • A 1080p screen would look like trash that close to your face. You should have a higher pixel count for a ve headset.
  • Sony has been making some cool things this past years. I wouldn't be surprised. :)
  • WHAT?
  • Hahaha What cool things have they made this year?
  • What about Xbox, not even rumors of plug & play VR accessory soon/never?
  • It's a fad. It's like 3D films or hoverboards...inventions that didn't need inventing.
  • Yes until Apple invents VR its not viable.
  • I would be willing to bet you are wrong. It may not be exactly in the form it is now, and it may take many years, but MHO is that VR and AR are here to stay.
  • VR may look like a fad right now, but there will soon be an explosion in interest from general consumers, it's already happening. this is just one more trend that Microsoft is missing the boat on, and by the time they get onboard and release something, it'll be too late.
  • VR is still not prime time. It's not ready for consumer market. Too expensive and not enough applications and games supporting it. VR is a niche not mainstream. Its like HDR TV sets and 4K.
  • PSVR is anything but. PC side is expensive niche market though. Yet proof in in the pudding, by end of this year we should see how well its received.
  • Yep its the video boy of niches
  • Thing is getting more and more interesting.
  • I bet it will have a full FoV, that puts HoloLens to shame.
  • While PS-VR has a 100° field of view, which is larger than the one available in HoloLens (rumored to be around 30°), the devices are very different and being overlay-MR, HoloLens has a complete field of view for the real-world objects, which do participate in the user's global vision. ​The comparison needs to be against other VR headsets, and Vive, Rift and Sulon Q all have a 110° field of view and higher resolution with 1080x1200 per eye for Vive and Rift, and even 1280x1440 per eye for Sulon Q, versus 960x1080 per eye for the PS-VR. While it would be nice to have another option, hopefully at a lower price-point, and a PC GPU would definitely give better results with the PS-VR than any current console, I don't think it would bring anything new besides affordability.  
  • Actually, the PSVR is a 960xRGBx1080 per eye. The RGB is important cuz it gives 3 sub pixels to each of those 960x1080 pixels. It's also worth pointing out that it's the only one that can do 120Hz refresh.
  • ahahahahahahahahahahahah Get Real.
  • Dude... HoloLens and Sony VR are two different things.. HoloLens isn't VR.
  • Give it a rest, these are two different technologies which have some overlap but different goals at the end of the day.
  • VR =/= AR
  • Airplanes put bicycles to shame. Stupid, wingless bikes. Useless.
  • I wouldn't trust a walker on that.. ;-P
  • "Offer gamers access to the virtual reality realm without taking a series of loans"
    The extra journalese fluff in these articles is so annoying.
    Just stick to the makes for an easier read.
  • @spinzeroWL. It's called humour :P, which is obviously subjective. I for one don't mind it as it brings character to an article.
  • Humour? Nah...just overly wordy journalese toot.
    I prefer the Rubino's of this world that don't try and fluff content out of thin air.
  • It was funny. And easy to read.
  • Seems to me that Sony is making all the right decisions to become the first king of VR.
  • The other day I was thinking that VR won't be more than a gimmick because it would involve game companies to rethink most of their design process, which yields the same tired games. You know, Assasin's Creed, CoD, etc, to the Nth iteration. They wouldn't be able to just do that, which is what gives them money. So I'm not sure all the AAA game companies are willing to go experimental and immersive all of sudden, opposed to just chugging along samey games like they do now. Think about it.
  • I was originally thinking that, but we'll see. star wars battlefront is coming exclusively to PSVR. But there are lots of other experiences to be had. One good thing about PSVR is that it has this second screen feature. Basically the rest of the people in the room can watch what the wearer is seeing, or they can have secondary experience on the tv separate from the vr. That should also open lots of possibilities. Watch the PlayStation VR playroom trailer..
  • Sony should definitely bring this to PC along with PSN. They are really missing out on alot of potential here.
  • For sure, I agree 100%.
  • Sony needs to bring this to PC to gain more traction. Also, another thing to note, right now is the time for VR, not AR. Wait till transparent OLEDs become a thing, then we can worry about AR. For now until 2025, it will be VR, and from 2025 - 2035 it'll be glasses based AR.
  • At that point, the two technologies should converge into a single technology (eg. transparent OLED turns opaque to go into VR mode, and turns back transparent for AR mode)
  • I've thought this was possible from the sstart, if not from Sony officially, then by a third party. It *seems* (I could be wrong) the PSVR headset connects via HDMI only, and the USB connection is between the external box and the PS4. The only hard part for a 3rd party would be the head tracking.
  • It will be great if Sony really brings PSVR to PC.