Sony's new flash drive features dual connectors for USB-C and full-sized USB-A

Sony has introduced a new portable flash drive that can be used with both traditional USB-A connectors, along with newer USB-C ports. This flexibility makes the new drive, the USM-CA1, a great tool for moving files from your older computer to a newer machine.

Sony says that the USM-CA1 features dual connectors to allow for wider compatiblity. The series comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB configurations, and support read speeds of up to 130MB/s.

You'll be able to get your hands the USM-CA1 some time in February. No pricing information has yet been announced.

Source: Sony; Via: Neowin

Joseph Keller
  • Sexy
  • Can you plug it directly in to the 950?
  • Guess what?
  • I don't see why not
  • We might have to wait another year before the price settles in the mainstream range. I would love to get one for use with my 950.
  • I bought one of those usb-a to usb-c adapters for my 950xl. It was like $3 on amazon and are the size of a small Usb key. Mind you, it never arrived lol but I got a refund and I'm gunna by the worlds smallest one off amazon for $10. It's the size of a penny and looks sexy
  • Transcend makes sticks exactly like this with 90MB/s read speed, for 25$ for 64GB
  • Sand Disk do one only 80MS/s read speed for about £15 I think it was 64GB.
  • Woah. Will buy.
  • Interesting
  • This is why I wish the new Surfaces had a USB C port. The one major miss in my opinion.
  • Dell latitude 12 7275 has two!! And a nvme pciessd! I'm hopefully getting mine in seven days and can't wait to try it out! Sp5 will have these!
  • I hope it will have thunderbolt3 type c. That way we can connect external graphic cards to the surface.
  • Awesome
  • This is good stuff right here. The faster USB-C host products become mainstream the better.
  • No wp/wm phones then no money by me to sony
  • It works on USB C and the Standard USB so it works on the new surfaces.
  • Integral also has this drive. Worked very well on my 950 XL.
  • I purchased microsd type-c adapter.... Reads up to 128gb card... Don't know about speed but for $3 I don't care!!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Masterstroke
  • Nice always love Sony design and products
  • Does it support memory stick? This is Sony, right? Thank goodness those days are gone.