SoundCloud now beta testing an app for Windows 10, Xbox One

Updated May 31, 2017: Shortly after this post went live, SoundCloud also announced it's now available on Xbox One.

Original story: SoundCloud fans on Windows 10 are in for a treat, as the company has begun testing a new app on the Windows Store. A beta version of SoundCloud's new app is now available to check out (opens in new tab), offering up access to the service's full catalog of streaming tracks.

If you're already a SoundCloud user, then you'll know what to expect here. The service is claiming more than 120 million free tracks are available, along with easy music discovery. SoundCloud's charts are also here, showing the top tracks in each genre, along with "The Upload" — SoundCloud's personalized playlist of new music (similar to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist).

Outside of its features, the app looks pretty good to boot, sporting a sort of frosted glass aesthetic behind its content. Cortana support also lets you control the app with your voice.

SoundCloud is a bit of a different beast than Groove or Spotify, which is also set to release a Windows Store app, so it's good to see it hit the Store. Keep in mind that this is currently available on PC only; no word on when or if it'll hit Mobile.If you're a big fan of SoundCloud, you can check out the beta app on the Windows Store now.

Thanks for the tips, everyone!

Download SoundCloud (Beta) from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Audiocloud is more than enough for me... At least for now.
  • Yes, it's better then the real soundcloud apps on other platforms
  • But having a first party app is always better than 3rd party in terms of perception... which is critical to the Store's success
  • I really agree. I'll probably use both apps, since having the first party one is always good. What I'm trying to say though is that I appreciate the work that the developer has thrown into Audiocloud.
  • Yes that's true, soundcloud is the big name, audiocloud isn't
  • Too right. No universal, no buy. Why get an app that's locked into my PC when Audiocloud is happily running on my phone and will run on holographic if these nice new just-released headsets prove a good deal? Well, Xbox I suppose. So for Xbox owners they'll probably do better with Soundcloud. If Audiocloud can get Xbox on the list before Soundcloud can get phone and holographic going, Soundcloud will never need to be considered. If Soundcloud can get full coverage first, they'll get interest. Third party apps are usually better (they have to offer something more, right?) so it's usually only brand sheep that grab first party despite the failings. Brand sheep don't tend to be Windows customers much (especially if they have a Windows phone of course) so the first party stuff will need to put in some effort to beat the incumbents. The big brands have little traction in the Windows store atm so can't just rely on gravity.
  • Or at least, why don't SoundCloud just buy it from Jason Ong? Would be faster. XD
  • Not a good idea for the consumer. Sound Cloud Beta testing is not guarantee that they will continue to support the Windows ecosystem for the long term. If they bought Audio Cloud that would remove the best third party option available to us. Who's to say that Sound Cloud would put out updates regularly? No thank you, I'd rather Audio Cloud remain a third party. ...of course it would be great for the developer, because that would mean a nice payday for him.
  • I think, it will be developed to a non-beta in the nearest future because there are a lot of Windows 10 users and now, since Windows 10 S has been announced they're going to be even more, especially young audience (College & University students).
    SC, make a Windows 10 Mobile client too 😀
  • yeah I think too...but let us try the first party app too
  • Awesome. Glad to see it.
  • Hope this comes to mobile 😍
  • YAY!
  • Now we need one for MixCloud
  • Finally!
  • It pales in comparison to SoundByte. But... Again, good to see the company itself investing in the platform. #win #BabySteps
  • Love the design. Harks back to Zune for me just a little.
  • I've been trolling those suckers for years, requesting the app when I catch them talking about their other platforms. I'm glad they finally succumbed.
  • Check out the SomaFM app in the Store. Full UWP, runs on everything from mobile to Holo Lens. Works great on the Xbox for background gaming music.
  • Finally! I hope it plays in InstantGo. I will try it out tonight on my tablet.
  • Great news now a updated mobile phone is needed
  • I can`t use it from china .gosh!
  • I hope it's a Universal App.