SPH-M8100 Pics

Here's some shiny that you won't be able to use for quite awhile, the Samsung SPH-M8100. It's a WiMax phone (hence the "quite awhile" bit) with some great features - including a tethered modem mode and a TV-Out (!) for showing off your multimedia on a big screen.

Samsung Electronics presented 'Mobile Wimax MITs SPH-M8100', its new Wimax-enabled handset during Samsung Mobile Wimax Summit 2006. Based on 'IMS (IP multimedia service), it allows users to have access to data at the speed of up to 20mbps while they are aboard of a car moving at 60km/h. It means you can actually various kinds of IP-based service including VoIP, voice call, push-to-all service, VOD, RSS and etc. in real time. It also supports T-DMB and TV-out.Meanwhile, it can be used as a Wibro modem in connection with a pc or a laptop.

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WC Staff