Spider-Man 2 swings onto Windows Phone

In mid-March Gameloft promised that we’d get the Spider-Man 2 in April. Well it’s not exactly April anymore, but we finally do have the game available for Windows Phone! The movie counterpart has been out for nearly two weeks here in the United States. Do you feel that? It’s just our Spider-sense tingling that we can now play the game on Windows Phone. Details after the break.

Spider-Man 2 for Windows Phone expands on the story from the film. You’ll get new characters like Black Cat and Screwball in this game. Here are all the features you’ll be able to enjoy listed by Gameloft:

  • Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast and quick-witted Spider-Man!
  • An original story expands on the highly anticipated blockbuster film!
  • Go beyond the film with new characters like Black Cat and Screwball.
  • Unlock Spider-Man suits like Symbiote Spider-Man and Iron Spider!
  • Face off against famous villains like Venom, the Green Goblin, Electro, and Kraven the Hunter!
  • High quality voice acting and cinematic cutscenes brings the movie experience to life

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Screenshot

The game also promises high quality and fluid animations as you swing through the city. You get ground and aerial combat with this game. It looks and sounds fun, we'll let you know how it turns out once the game finishes downloading...

Spider-Man 2 for Windows Phone will set you back $4.99 and does not include a trial. You’ll also need to get ready for a long download and install time. You have a 794MB download and there’s no support for devices with 512MB of RAM. You also won’t find any Xbox Live integration here, something we’ve been seeing Gameloft do more and more. Though it’s probably a necessity in order to launch the game as close as possible to the Android and iOS versions.

Any Spidey fans thinking of picking this up? We’ll have a review up shortly!

Download Spider-Man 2 from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: @WPScoops

QR: Spider-Man 2

  • Boo. No trial! Yay, it's here! :)
  • Lol! Exactly how I feel!.
  • Boo, no 512 support
  • Can't really expect big games for low end devices
  • Buy a low end device and expect to play games??
  • Buy a lumia 720, a non low end device, and still cant play those games.
  • I have a 720 and 1020 and I can honestly say that I use my 720 a whole lot more (mainly battery life) but I really feel it is an overall better device in most aspects bar RAM
  • Why not, really big games support that ram why not this one, but for that price f..... it
  • Lumia 525 is a low end device, and it can play this game well. 
  • Awesome
  • Xbox?
  • 5€ and no Xbox Live? No, thanks.
  • Agreed - when will they get the message that turning their back on xbox was a bad idea?
  • They can as well turn their backs on us too... We should be grateful for anything we get for now. We need to support any new apps that comes out so dey will be encouraged to keep on making apps for our platform... If we want our platform to grow we should support even if we don't get Xbox live.
  • I don't like it either but would you rather have an xbox game that never gets updated or a non-xbox game that does get updated? I take the latter.
  • So it's easier for them to update with new features? Look at Asphalt 8. They just added a bunch of new cars and tracks. Did they ever do that with Asphalt 7? (I actually don't know and could be putting my foot in my mouth, but I think the answer is no.) Are any of their Xbox Live titles up to par with their Android/iOS versions? It's great to want another easy 200 gamerscore, but the trouble clearly isn't worth it to them. I'd rather they have the incentive to add new features over time than have a few gamerscore and a practically abandoned game. That's not how it should be, but Windows Phone isn't yet Android/iOS to them. And there will be an Amazing Spider-man 3, which by then Windows Phone might matter enough for them to support Xbox Live.
  • The updates is a crappy excuse. As EA has proven, they can issue several updates to their Xbox game. Gameloft just doesn't want to bother anymore.
  • EA don't release as nearly as may games as Gameloft does... So updating their game is all they can do.
  • EA is doing a great job with WP.
    First: They have released way more games than Gameloft.
    Second: They bring a lot of updates to their existing games, just look at Tetris Blitz and The Sims.
    Everybody needs to deal with the facts and Gameloft just doesn't care about their customers.
    Third: Look what Gameloft did to Asphalt 7, unbelievable.
  • Wtf $5 at least 3
  • At most you mean?
  • Needs demo. Too expensive to take the gamble. Looks good though!
  • They named it Spiderman 2 instead of The Amazing Spiderman 2! This killed the spiderman fan inside me, and made me upset with gameloft because they named the game correct on the other platforms except ares, but i guess im just picky.
  • It wasn't called "Amazing" because knowing Gameloft, they left that part out for a future update.
  • It's odd, though, since the first one has Amazing in the title.
  • Well maybe the game is not that amazing but we will never know if we don't buy it! I'll buy it just to support the platform
  • What is this nonsense with not supporting 512 mb devices. Wpc had an article about why it's not an issue having a low men device. And then this. Good job.
  • Only a few games, not to worry. /s
  • For $5, no trial and considering this game won't even run on my Icon/Lumia 1520, you're sure as hell not missing much.
  • Wait, it doesn't run on the Icon? How come?
  • How can it not run on an icon?
    And sure, I'm personally not missing anything. My kid, on a 625 - not good. This is the sort of thing that breeds confusion, resentment and draws consumers to be dismissive of WP.
    Though I'd wager it's probably the devs not optimising the app - MS should somehow enforce the 512 compatibility, or move to a 1 gb baseline.
  • How can it not run on an icon?
    I'll go with it's a bloated, poorly coded/ported game that is not worth the time it took for you to read this article. Gameloft is now on my list of games to avoid. Edit: I should note, it could be because I'm on 8.1. So I need to rule that out.
  • Though...theoretically there's nothing on 8.1 that requires any game to be updated to work. I have tons of games installed on both my phones and I'm running all of them on 8.1 just fine.   I think your first guess is probably more close to the truth.
  • Thank you for the response Daniel!
    And I'll also agree that it must be poorly coded as we've got three wp8.1 devices with a whole load of games.
    Hmmm. Oh well. They won't get my money then.
  • Thanks Daniel for letting me know that I should avoid this game! If the Icon can't run it my 920 would probably melt in a sea of lag if I were to buy this game, so thanks!
  • The graphics look much worse than the android/ios counterpart, based on the screenshots above, anyone noticed the same thing?
  • Is it possible for you to make a video on how our runs on windows phone
  • I have the same opinion about Gameloft.  They can't come up with any original ideas so they purchase licenses and rip off franchises to get quick purchases from customers.  Their games are literally of the worst caliper now.  Even IF you get into one of their games, it's only a matter of time before it turns into an absolute mess!  It really is a shame.
  • Was it just me or was WP central down for a few minutes? PS I like it. Wanted to smack my phone a few times. But I had that with more spidy games on Xbox 360.
  • Had some issues with loading the news on WPC for WP.. It could be.
  • Seems faster....
  • Seems idiotic...you
  • Seems  the sense of humor was left at home......you
  • Its old yaar way too old...try some new ones
  • 1GB ram only
  • Obviously. Who buys a 512mb device and expects to play high end games. No ones that stupid.
  • RAM isn't the issue, do some research. It's just sloppy coding.
  • I played spider man on same device with no problem. You may not be aware of that Microsoft most of the time releases the game for both devices.
  • Boo... I can't buy apps cause I wanted to play with Cortana...
  • Change the region, takes a few seconds to reboot, buy, change region again after install and reboot. Simple lol.
  • Somebody could write some details about game.For example about frame rate.Is it laggy than was the first one?
  • I wont be picking it up yet... 1. Haven't seen the movie yet. 2. Will wait for WPC review. 3. Will wait and see if Moga support is patched in like Ryan said may happen.
  • Well the movie is awesome.
  • Yepp!
  • I was surprised how much I liked it. My favorite Spider-Man movie after the other second one. :)
  • Boo no XBox, is their at least Moga Pro support?!
  • No moga support is killing me and it crashes randomly also needs a patch sooner rather than later.
  • Looks like there isn't anything amazing about the game and that's why gameloft left it out of the title. Or maybe let us be the judge.
  • The WP version is called "The Average Spider-Man"
  • Lol, or the Adequate Spiderman
  • Nope
  • Limitation on ram is making me switch over to android or will wait for Lumia 930 to launch in India...
  • Get a 930. You'll be worst on Android
  • Are you going to buy a cheap Android phone with 512 MB RAM?
  • Hahaha!  That's like saying you are sick of the heat so you are moving to the desert.
  • no i m not going to buy a 512mb fone on android platform, will go for lumia 930.. i was rather pointing out towards the apps that have Ram Limitation.... look whoever would be buying a lumia 630 or 635, 90% of them will not go for the specs and when they would try for temple run 2 like games and find they cannot, think what that user will do... atleast these sort of games runs quite good on low android devices at cheaper rate... for example xolo q800... its a best android device at low rate
  • I can't believe people complain about a high ram game on a low end device.
  • I can't believe people blab off about something they know nothing about.
  • explain me then please.... let me see how much u understand about mobiles?
  • have u ever seen the play store on android devices????? i know android fones lag.. i have seen that in note 2, but kindly search any game such modern combat or racing games, u will b amazed to see the related games and all are free... i do not see such high end games coming to wp in years to come... i will be going for Lumia 930 when its launched... but try to get my point... u people might havent played with mobiles as i did, so stop enlighten me regarding android and wp.. thank you
  • There are no high end 'mobile' games, if anything people like you are slowing down the real games that are released on PC/consoles.
  • They are free because of the ads... I have played on a friend's and cousin's android phones, ads galore lol.
  • No Xbox. No thanks.
  • Agreed. No Xbox, No Buy. #SaveXboxWP.
  • Yep save Xbox to push WP to the sky!
  • https://twitter.com/bAN01TgAZ/status/465988160489807873
  • get used to it buddy, there has been numerous comments on this and it seems gameloft nor microsoft is interested in putting the xbox live tag to the game... its so pity that the factor which distinguises it from other platforms are not emphazised.. :(
  • Great...can't just sit there and stuff my face while watching the plot to unfold...make me do all the work too!  No more movie adaptations!  :D
  • Not support 512mb ram so, no thanks...
  • I have a 2gb device, I want 2gb games, not low end games to run on a low end device just because someone doesn't want to buy a higher end device.
  • All phone games are low end.
  • Doesn't run on my htc 8x on 8.1 :/. Oops, now it Does! Has to download some additional files after the installation, guess the server was down. Lets play!
  • No Xbox and no trial, why is Gameloft such a horrible company?
    I mean they are just awful and greedy.
  • I immediatley regret purchasing this. I liked the first one so I took a leap of faith... big mistake.
  • Why is that? Could you share some of your concerns and observations with us please?
  • Why is that? Could you share some of your concerns and observations with us please?
  • Ram 1GB
  • Not LIVE, not interested
  • WOW, $5 and NO XBOX???? I was looking forward to this one bit i will blacklist it. No Xbox, no buy #SaveXboxWP
  • No Xbox, no buy. Also, 512mb usrrs, #dealwithit, you knew you were getting a cheaper device.
  • No achievements #dealwithit, you knew you were getting a device with limited Xbox enabled games.
  • Another #genius
  • It's a Gameloft game...this means that it will at least turn your phone into a $5 space heater.  Not bad.
  • I want to love this game so bad but the camera is worse than the first one, I can barely get it to actually launch, and it is so much more choppy than the first one. Almost unplayable. Actually I wouldn't play it if it wasn't Spiderman.
  • Won't even start on a 8x
  • Same here... I was thinking it might be an isolated incident, but Daniel Rubino posted higher in the comments that it won't even run on his 1520. lol... I am very annoyed waiting this long after the release on other platforms just to pay for a game that doesn't work. Captain America also has loads of issues. I won't write off Gameloft though,  because they make really impressive games like Modern Combat 4 and N.O.VA. 3 which I absolutely love. I don't like "casual" games, and Gameloft is really the only game in town (EA pretty much left WP for dead) that makes good racing, FPS, and Action-platformers with high-end graphics.
  • Lost me at no Xbox Live support. Microsoft really needs to make the platform more accessible for developers. Apple and Google's social game services are...
  • No trial & no Xbox integration, no thanks!
  • No trial and $5 No thanks ! Also reading above that the game doesn'r work properly I must say Gameloft is releasing a bunch of crap these days starting with Captain America : TWS.
  • 794mb-wow.
  • I bought the game on my 1020, and It crashes whenever i open the app after seeing 'Marvel' ... Expensive joke
  • It crashes on Lumia 1520 , completely unplayable ...
  • Hmm the video says the game is called amazing Spiderman, I'm guessing they just slapped the windows phone logo on an ios video >.>.
  • Plzzz this game install lumia 520
  • I want this game free download
  • Gameloft is good but need free download
  • The amazing spider man 2 need free download