Splashbox is a new photography app for our Windows Phone that lets you add a creative flair to your pictures through various color filters that can be selectively applied.  When you import a photo to edit, Splashbox applies a black and white filter to the image.

Basically giving you a blank slate to re-apply the original colors by touch or choose from a number of filters to add some splash to things.

Splashbox Screens

Filter effects include tint, blur, sepia, solarize, tritone orange and more. You can apply the filter, then use the brush to select the areas you want the effect to be seen. Filters can be combined and applied as many times as you'd like.

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Images can be zoomed in to allow more precise application of effects and the Splashbox supports landscape view to give you a little more elbow room for editing.  When done, you can share your masterpieces on Twitter or Facebook. As well as save them to your Pictures Hub.


There is a free trial version available for Splashbox and the full version is currently on sale for $2.99 (regular price is $4.99). There's no telling how long this introductory price will last and you can find Splashbox here in the Windows Phone Store.

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