Today it was announced that software developer SplashData (SplashMoney, SplashID, SplashShoper, Splash ad nauseum) have bought Iambic, who make the popular Agendus program as well as some other not so memorable apps.

What does this mean for Windows Mobile fans?  Not much and perhaps even bad news, if you use Agendus.

SplashData used to be all about Windows Mobile software years ago. Then they went all iPhone crazy and never looked back, killing off or leaving to die all their "Splash apps". No kidding, their lineup is as fresh and hip as jokes about  "Snakes on a Plane".

So if you're a fan of Agendus, we're sorry to say we don't have much hope that it will be re-vamped anytime soon (it's gone from 3.0 to 3.4 in fourteen months, already not a fast upgrade path).

Read the official press release here for more information.