Spotify update brings free music streaming to Windows Phone

Spotify has enabled its free music streaming feature to Windows Phone users. Available for Android and iOS users since December 2013, the feature allowed users with a free subscription to access existing playlists on their devices through the Shuffle Play option.

Previously, only premium subscribers were able to stream music via the Windows Phone app. With today's update, free users can also stream content from their playlists. In addition, Spotify has tweaked presentation of search results and made discovering new artists easier. Here's a look at some of the highlights in the update:

  • All of the music. Listen to all the playlists you've created and playlists from the people you follow. Spotify lets you discover new music, save, shuffle and share.
  • Your favourite artists. Want to listen to a certain artist? Just hit shuffle play, sit back and listen to their entire catalogue. Don't settle for something similar. Don't settle for just one track from the artist you want to hear every 20 minutes.
  • Want the right playlist? Just Browse. Going for a jog or to the gym? We've got the playlist to help you go the extra mile. Hosting a dinner or getting ready for a big night out? We've got you covered. We even have playlists for different moods, so regardless of whether you need an upbeat boost or something more relaxing to wind down to – we've got just the thing.

How many of you were waiting for this update? Are you glad that it is available for Windows Phone? Sound off in the comments.

QR: spotify

Thanks to everyone for sending this in!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • I'm fine with Xbox music, but it's great!
  • This is 50% bad news for xbox music, as more people will switch to Spotify. But 10% good news for us xbox users as it may get cheaper. And 40% a mystery. Lol. Personally I wont be switching. With xbox music when I get In the car and start the engine my phone connects over Bluetooth and starts playing my music, either the last thing I was listening to, or a random shuffle. Spotify doesn't do this, you have to run the app and select music. And I like how xbox music is available everywhere. No Spotify on the actual xbox which is where I listen to music second :)
  • I genuinely interested in knowing how you came up with those statistics ?!!.
  • 80% of the population knows that 40% of all statistics are made up.
  • Yes, but only 56% of the time.
  • And even then, 99% of people don't care if it is made up, they still believe it as fact 100% of the time.
  • The app seems 6.5% faster
  • You are 100% wrong.
  • omg i love wpcentral
  • Seem Faster “They’ve done studies, you know. 60 percent of the time, it seems faster every time.”
  • i thought it was 75% of statistics are made up, 40% of the time :-/
  • That was just a way of talking - he was NOT quoting statistics LOL!
  • I was genuinely interested at first but BS has a smell and therefor doesn't need or require clarification. If it smells like it, it is.
  • I would actually venture to guess Buffalo dung smells very similar to Bull dung, although I am not highly experienced on the smell of bovine excrament.  But that is 100% of a case of "if it smells like it, it is NOT."
  • Man, that was deep.
  • 60% of the time it works every time.
  • And it's 100% none of our concern what people will like best!
  • You are 85.7 % correct.
  • Umm, how so? There will always be a market for Music streaming services, as long as the xbox music app is integrated in WP, the experience will always be better than a third party app. Unless they F up the app like how they did before the recent update.
  • Is the recent update that much better.  I was so disappointed, that I have not booted up Xbox Music on any platform in months.   Sadly, I am paying for both Xbox Music and Spotify.  Windows Phone seems to get the shit end of the stick with both.  So this recent update of Spotify seems to have broken the app on my Lumia 635.  Won't even play a complete song, before the music just stops playing. And this is the kind of thing I mean - which is why I have been paying for both services.  One app gets fixed, the other breaks down, and vice versa. And neither one handles giant (thousands of tracks) playlists anywhere near as good as Zune Music used to.  Its bloody annoying.  All the while, Pandora (which I am not paying for) ALWAYS works perfectly.  Of course, you do not get the options with Pandora you get with Xbox Music and Spotify. It's frustrating enough, to almost make a guy go back to Android. 
  • Its not available Everywhere.
  • I'm 17.3% sure it will be eventually
  • Xbox music isn't available everywhere.
  • 60% of the time, it works every time...
  • Exactly everything I was going to say. Thanks. Lol
  • sticking to my Xbox music when you listen from Xbox One or 360 we get videos too... I'm happy and content
  • It's 33.3%.....repeating of course........
  • This is just another mix radio. I like hearing an entire cd sometimes and for that I'll stick with Xbox Music. Oh and Xbox Music also has a Mix Radio as well
  • Nope, Spotify now allows you to listen to any song or album you want, create your own playlists, etc. all for free (at least for me - UK). The only thing you can't do is download the songs to listen offline.
  • Unfortunately that is not true.  Two very popular artists this week I discovered aren't in the Spotify library.  Whether that's the artists' fault for not licensing or Spotify's fault for not figuring out an equitable agreement is neither here nor there---bottom line is there's still music I want to hear that I cannot get on Spotify.
  • I had lost my hope. But It's finally here :D
    EDIT: Still not working. Damnit :(
  • Patience! Lol.
  • Yeah, I'll check back in some hours !
  • App not available
  • Is it adfree? Otherwise fuck off
  • On Android the app itself is ad-free, but it will occasionally pass some audio ad (most of the time is advertising spotify itself) between the tracks for some seconds.
    So no, you won't die with it.
  • Yes, it is..... if you pay for a Premium subscription!!!!!
  • How will they get revenue with no ads? Ads on Spotify aren't even as bad as Youtube's.
  • Youtube has ads?
  • Yes
  • Quote "YouTube has ads?"
    is it any kind of sarcasm?
  • Erm, use adblocker...
  • not really sarcasm I think. I get the youtube ads VERY rarely. and I mean like once every few months. I think it depends on your region
  • I don't get ads because I have AdBlock but they have ads on almost every video you play..
  • You don't pay for things you enjoy? Artists need to eat you know?
  • @agrum What do YOU provide for free? I'm guessing nothing.  Ah, the entitled generation...gotta love 'em.
  • Yawn. Freeloaders are boring.
  • This is great news :D Unfortunately my Lumia 620 is in the repairs so I'm gonna have to wait to use it... :c
  • The update is not available in Portugal
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Spotify is available in Portugal.
  • It is. I've already use it on Android and currently I use it on my laptop.
  • Change the location for UK, or US, download the app a the put it back on PT..
    Ps: I'm listening to Spotify on my Lumia while I wrote this :D Spotify is available on Portugal almost for 2 years now..
  • I don't see any update
  • Finally!
  • Spotify needs bug fixing... It's pretty annoying to use on my 930 dp
  • Works quite well on mine.
  • It's quite buggy in my experience also, though its more like a UI glitch and some album art won't show. It's pretty usable on mine anyways, but still there are some occasional stop of music.
    Now after this, they really need to refine the app, its lifeless, no animation, boring UI design and weird graphical glitch.
  • Agreed, the next update will hit approximately may of 2015. :D
  • Before there is a barrage of comments about it still asking for a premium subscription. Update is not live yet! It will take a couple of hours.
  • Still says last updated 30/06/14.
  • Seems the Xbox Music Team is now under some pressure to deliver....
  • No-one that is platform agnostic would ever pay for Xbox Music. It'll always be a niche service. Spotify is just better in every way (even on Windows Phone - which is a platform that was given no love by Spotify for such a long time!)
  • While Xbox Music needs some work, I think that there are things it does better than Spotify, and I'm not sure about the platform agnosticism comment, Xbox Music is available on a decent number of platforms, including iOS and android.
  • Out of curiosity, what does it do better?
    Xbox Music just doesn't have the brand cachet of unless you are a Microsoft person, I just don't see any reason for people to use it. Having such a shoddy Windows Phone app definitely doesn't help the cause.
    Spotify has become the de-facto music streaming app. I'm not sure the Xbox brand is strong enough to overcome that.
  • I'd agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, Xbox Music will never surpass Spotify in sheer member numbers, but in terms of a quality experience, I believe Xbox Music has a decent shot of being top dog. At least on Windows Phone. Its more tightly integrated and the last update made it miles better. Long story short, Spotify will never fully support windows phone enough, unless tens of millions of handsets sell overnight. Barring MSFT spinning off Xbox music or offloading it elsewhere, they'll support the service on their phones until the end of its lifetime. It'll see more love, while Spotify on WP will consistently lag behind its iOS and Android counterparts. I'm sticking with XBM for the foreseeable future.
  • When did it become de-facto? I thought Pandora was that before... Meh, I could never keep up with what I "have" to keep up with to be in the in-crowd. All I know is that it seems like more people should want MixRadio's offline mixes feature for free in their streaming player of choice (which, because of this talk, I've checked and Slacker Radio now does apparently (and it's supported WP users since WP7 on top of that)). For me, I'm not really seeing anything super special awesome that would make me only use Spotify.
  • How about Xbox music allows you to actually download and own music. Unless you have unlimited data, that makes it better than any other service on Windows Phone. Does anyone actually want to own music anymore?
  • I can download my Spotify playlists for offline use...
    I personally don't care about owning my music. I also find Youtube and Spotify provide a more socially interactive way of listening to music....and if I really want an album, I'll always buy it on CD (often at a vastly cheaper price compared to Xbox Music).
    Also, if I really want a particular song on my phone, I just cache the video using MetroTube.
  • Ok. I did not know that.
  • Yes, Spotify Premium allows you to download for offline playback...
    & no, you cannot buy Spotify music - but £10 a month (or £5 with a student card) for 15 million songs a month kind of makes ownership redundant anyway.
    You spend £10 on Xbox Music to buy an album. I spend £10 on Spotify and get the whole musical world!
  • They should just remove the app completely from existence.
  • Xbox music was always a joke compared to Spotify, this update changes nothing.
  • i hope they optimized it more, it isn't the fasted or most stable app on my 635.   being able to browse my music would also be a nice addition. if it wasn't so cheap i'd have dumped it by now.
  • The fact that it runs poorly is not the 635's fault, it's Spotify. How do I know? It sucks just as much on my 930...
  • Oh I definitely agree its the apps problem,which is why I'm hoping for an efficiency update
  • Wow
  • About god damn time!!
  • Although, since my 920 STILL doesn't have 8.1, the update isn't showing for me. This just for users with 8.1? Or is it yet to arrive?
  • Read the article again and then edit your comment accordingly ;)
  • I did read it, it says nothing about the update not being available right now and says the update is available for 8.x, does that mean 8.0 too? who knows? Please don't be such a condescending prick in future though :)
  • Fair would seem I was the one that didn't read the article!
  • If u r using wp8.1 dev. Version u will need to downgrade to wp8 official in order to get update the ones who want wp8.1 cyan and don't wanna downgrade and waste time and usage of internet must wait for sometime in order to get A PATCH update.
  • For anyone having a wobbler that it's not out yet, give it time it depends on your location. I'm in Ireland so may have to wait until 12:00pm
  • How do you know that?
  • Because I've installed updates like this before, plus I haven't got the update yet so that's a given really..
  • Not yet availible in rainy belgium
  • Shuffle Play? For what? Like Mixradio but Mixradio is 6996637373773 times better.
  • Seems you have no idea about what distinguishes the two services from each other...
  • Yes, I know about the two apps but if you uses the free shuffle mode on Spotify it is like mixradio.
  • No, its not.
  • I think what he means is that you cannot just select the song you want to play. Instead, you are presented a mix (a la MixRadio) inspired by the song or artist you selected.
  • Yesss
  • Good news for people who don't have access to XBox services. Best news of the week.
  • Is Spotify and beats music be used NORMALLY in INDIA??? Can the BOTH be see for downloading music??? please I really wanna use Spotify and beats music. Thank you in advance.
  • No one streams music here. We just need a better music player. Xbox should get well soon. Till that time. Extreme music works cool on my phone.
  • Spotify is for Europe (mostly 1st tier countries) and US. Beats is US only. Even if India has a growth in WindowsPhone, they don't spend money on apps and subscriptions, so services like this are not interested in India.
  • Correct. India doesn't or rarely spends on services except banking and cable connection considering the whole population of India.
  • Brazil have Spotify. 
  • These services are not for countries like India or Pakistan. Most of us have Wifi and not ridiculously expensive mobile data connections. Pakistan just got 3G services in past months and they are pretty much out of the reach of common people. As for wifi, why waste data on streaming, when you can easily download it and listen to it as many times as you want. Nobody here particularly cares about mixes or playlists or any of that stuff IMO.
  • Great now Last fm support is the only lacking feature!
  • Last fm scrobbling was the first thing I looked for in the change log. I wish they'd add it as they have on other platforms.
  • Hell yeh we need scrobbeling! My GF has also problems with her offline playlists.. If she makes a playlist offline it downloads all the songs. A few days later she checks again and the same playlist is not available offline anymore :( annoying but i wasn't able to reproduce it on my 1020 with cyan. Anyone has the same problems?
  • I was having similar issues when I had Spotify on my SD card, and when I moved to the phone, the problems were not present anymore.
  • Thanks for replying.. But she owns a Lumia 930 , her offline playlists are already on the phone. She noticed however that it's the same playlist everytime, others are working great.
    Advised her to create a new playlist with the same music and another name.. Maybe it works
  • Finally!
  • Will this be better than MixRadio? (Formerly known as Nokia MixRadio)
  • It depends on what you're after. I find that MixRadio is great for music discovery while Spotify is more specific.
  • If you want to listen to music while offline, MixRadio remains the only alternative (unless you load your phone with your own songs). If you want to listen to mixes, MixRadio has the advantage that it's ad-free. For everything else, Spotify is better.
  • It doesn't work
  • Still asks for premium bollocks!
  • Not available yet.. Still waiting.!
  • I hope the look and feel gets refreshed soon on this I also find the software as buggy as hell. This is a lacklustre app compared to it's IOS and Android siblings. They promised me they are going to be showing the app the love so hopefully this is the beginning.
  • Sweet! Wait that doesn't make sense. "Not available for your device." "App not available"
  • Still says I need to be premium user to use this app after installing
  • Ahh the tight ass poor people always come out to complain that shit ain't free, GO TO ANDROID
  • Spotify radio is free to use on iOS and Android. It should also be free on Windows Phone.
    Could you please explain to me why you think WP users should have to pay when the other two OS's don't?!
  • Because despite we complaint a lot about 512MB games on our low end WP devices, we are still bunch of rich bastard who always prefer to pay any dime and penny the developer ask for the app. /s
  • Deezer also put out an update yesterday so that people with a free subscription can listen. I'm thinking they knew this was coming.
  • I always can listen to Deezer here. And free! Just don't download songs, but, I can listen a song that I want, isn't Radio or playlist...
  • The difference between the two is that on Spotify you can shuffle a specific playlist or artist which for me makes Spotify the winner.
  • Still haven't got the update :/
  • Hate how everything comes 10 years later to WP. Angry birds epic for example is broke as hell and missing important features.
  • This news is only good for U.S WP users not the rest of the world. Moving on...
  • I just cant believe this. Spotify doesnt give a shit about windows phone users...
  • Only US? I don't think so.
  • I'm in Brazil and I got the update.
  • Not the update but the features. Even the offline capability is only available in U.S. Mixradio is enough!!
  • Not truth, the offline capability is linked to a premium account, I have premium and I can have offline playlists in Costa Rica. That is the same for iOs and Android.
  • Works in the UK
  • Mixradio all the way. Ad free streaming and downloads ...
  • Anybody updated to this version ? What is the ver no. ?
  • Version is 4.0.0.x
  • I can't use Spotify for free. It forces me to take a 30 day premium trial or a paid subscription.
  • This is not working....and also the change log in the store shows last updated version as 30 June 2014...i am using US as my region....
  • Still no access to "your music"?
  • Can I now use my Spotify Unlimited subscription on WP and stream without ads? Btw. no update here either...
  • You have been able to do that since....forever! If you are paying your premium subs, you never hear adverts!
  • Spotify premium != unlimited.
  • It says you need premium account
  • Not showing but not complaining. Can live with my 40GB worth of music on my phone. :)
  • About time
  • I'm letting my current box Music Pass subscription expire next year 'cause I've had some new, weird issues with it recently and I am just done with it. I guess I'll be switching to Spotify when that time comes.
  • I have been waiting for this update for months it's stupid that we had to wait this long for features android and ios has had for months this was seriously a reason for why I was going to switch to android or ios
  • Caught me too late, I already switched :/ Might be back once threshold hits though.
  • In Italy we still need a Premium subscription.
  • Still no update when I checked the app store.
  • In Greece still needs premium...
  • Holy moly, where is the update, Spotify told me on twitter that they have released the update.
  • Not in the uk yet :(
  • Just updated!
  • I'm still being told I need a premium account. I'm in Ireland
  • ITS OUT!!!!
  • Not available for Indian users !!
  • OMG finally!
  • It's out now for people with the U.S. region.
  • Heck yes! Been waiting for this for over a year now. I no longer have any app wishes for WP.
  • Available in us now
  • Just got the free update
  • Good in UK now
  • Still says that I need a premium account oh well uninstalling again. Reinstalled and its working I think it downloaded the old version.
  • I got message too. Reinstalling.
    Edit. Not working at all :(
  • Hey, i tried It yesterday..and i didnt work..and now this! This is great :D
  • Good lord. Finally!!
  • This update was rumored to add dinosaur walking, but that's fictitious. Was a feature I was totally looking forward to.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about check the update history.
  • I just saw that here, what is that?
  • Out in Germany.
  • Finally! So glad to have this now.
  • I can finally leave my android phone at home now! Spotify is my main music app even though it's free. Gonna give this a good run over the next couple days
  • Say hello to the last Spotify update for the next two years
  • They have been updating regularly
  • Spotify gains a big tile on my Start screen now ^^
  • Well updated now version is now 4 and size increased to 10 MB
  • Still need premium account, are you serious that you can stream music for free now?
  • Seems like my Spotify account region isn't in U.S. So I can't either:(
  • Thanks for the article Harish. For those who live outside US and want to access Spotify, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.
  • Finally!!!! \m/
    I don't understand why they make it only premium on WP users while on other platforms have free subscription. I have to download it now.
  • Installed, updated and now listening to free music - from the Land Down Under
  • Updated. It still requires PREMIUM for offline streaming, removing ads etc. No good news ... :/
  • What exactly do you want? Free=ads, premium=no ads. Questions?
  • Those are the same restrictions you will get for ios and android, so it is how it is in spotify.
  • Still annoyed that My Music is still not there. For the moment I still have to create playlists to easily access my albums. Fingers crossed for the next update
  • Not available in India. XBox music too is not available in India. Mix radio is the only hope :'(
  • Mix radio is also not free and its Subscription is expensive.
  • I wish Spotify would hurry up and launch in Canada!
  • Live in Portugal now, loving this!
  • Is better but still not as good as other os because you can't see your personal music library.
  • I like Pandora a lot :) I dont see any reason why I should have Spotify.
  • Updated, still no "your music." Bleh.
  • OHMAHGERD!!! SHUFFLE PLAY! I've been waiting for Shuffle Play since Spotify first appeared in WP7. I no longer have to deal with the first song on the playlist being the first track played every single time I play the playlist on shuffle. Its the little things in life...
  • Anyone else's just crash when you try to log in???
    Tried downloading again, but still does it!
  • Yea, I'm having the same problem.
  • You in the UK??
    I am, nothing iv tried seems to work!
  • Take a look at "New in this version": "Fictitious: This app walks like a dinosaur" What is it?????
  • Open the door, get on the floor...
  • And I just renewed premium yesterday.. Meh.
  • dont compare premium with just the radio. Enjoy it.
  • It's already there, guys! And it's awesome! However, I'm still keeping my subscription to Xbox Music.
  • Is there any way to trick the app into thinking I'm in US? I'm actually in Serbia and Spotify isn't supported here :(
    I use Hola on the PC to trick the website...
  • If you have WP8.1, you could find a US-based VPN that supports IPsec/L2TP or IKev2, though I don't know any one that's free (if anyone knows one, do tell us please ;D).
  • Ooh, good idea :) If anyone knows a free one, please share it :)
  • Ok, it's working in the UK now. It was long overdue ;-)
  • Now I can download it..
  • If u want to earn money then visit the link below.....
  • You do realise no-one will bother looking at your sh*tty website?!
  • Crappy U.S. exclusive...
  • Works in the UK
  • It is not US exclusive, it works wherever spotify works, like most countries in latin america, I can confirm it works in Costa Rica.
  • Finally!
  • and 8tracks... #GetOnWindowsPhoneBandwagon
  • Works in Netherlands
  • I am 38 now and most probably I will be dead when days come we use xbox services in Turkey :)
  • Mickey mouse app. Facebook login gets errors. Deleted!
  • Nice :) I'm already a premium user months ago, love that service. Happy to see for free now to unsubscribed users.
  • I'm still using Pandora and Nokia music for offline. They work fine for me. No need to switch.
  • Okay, I'll reinstall for that.
  • Not available
  • Can anyone help me get Spotify in a non supported country? I had it on my laptop, but as soon as I logged into it on my phone, the thing gave the 'travelling thing'
  • Meanwhile in the other side, deezer updated their app to bring us a worst experience...the fun in this is the app before the update was as the same quality as the other platforms
  • Between Deezer, Spotify and Xbox Music I find Deezer to be the best. What's wrong in the last update of Deezer? They added some new elements to the UI but the rest for me it's the same. I'm talking wp app of Deezer. Sound quality is good if you turn HQ in settings.
  • The problem is, when you search for a new artist or specific song, the app doesn't let you play it and suggest to buy the subscription...thing that doesn't happened in older versions
  • Everything Ok here, France
  • Finally! I hope there aren't too much bugs ;)
  • There are a lot of music services out there, I use a combo of many, so for me this is great news.
  • It's about freaking time!!!
  • I've recently cancelled my xbox music subscription, not because I don't want to pay for music, I am happy to pay a measly $10/month. Just that the app is and has always been full of bugs, is slow and unappealing to use. If the xbox music team one day want to build a proper music app that's enjoyable to use, I'll probably return, for now mix radio, Pandora and Spotify now with the update works very well for me.
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Grmbl, I was hoping they fixed the play/pause/resume button via Bluetooth headset. But no....
  • My bad. It's the purity pro, not Spotify. *sigh*
  • Updated in the UK. Been waiting 8 months for this!! Another reason not to jealous of IOS and Android!
  • I've got my app updated and it's working fine. I think it' fantastic!
  • Not available in India
  • Did they add access to your collection now too?
  • Between Xbox Music, MixRadio, and my own collection of songs that I keep adding each week.  I'm not sure if I need this.
  • Their signup servers have crashed.
  • That link to earn money does not seem to have good score.
  • Finally a reason to use Spotify on my WP...... Now if MS fixed Xbox music to allow streaming of personal music collections, and ad supported streaming exactly the same way they do on the full Windows 8.1 app, or the web, I would only use Xbox..... But apparently, that is too much to ask. I'd even use it if they pushed ads when streaming personal music from the cloud.
  • The Windows 8.1 app only allows you to stream 10 hours p/month (at least in the UK), so I probably wouldn't use it even if they updated the WP app...
  • Unlimited in NZ.
  • Yay! Pin to start menu
  • I just downloaded Spotify by changing my home country INDIA to UK, but now its showing server login error.
  • Trying to log in and getting 'Sign up servers unavailable...' :|
  • Search for it in the store and it might say 'Update' on the bottom left. Waiting to download now so let's see what happens..
  • Anyone having issues logging in?
  • Going to the store and searching for Spotify will give you an option to update, this should work.
  • Didn't get to play with it much, but it looks great.  Would be nice if we could skip songs though.  Seems that you can only play and pause.
  • Finally. Being waiting so long for this
  • I got it.. You have to read the change log lol.. "Fictitious - This app walks like a dinosaur"
  • Too bad its not available in our country.
  • Mix radio is better because you have offline now despite being a free user unlike Spotify
  • It actually works on me now. In Philippines here with region and language set to UK
  • Amazing! In Chile Nokia doesn't have mix radio as an available service and Spotify is reeeaaaaally popular here. So... I'm happy as ever since the app also is really optimized on my Lumia 925 and I'd dare to say it works even better than in my Google Nexus 7 2013. I've been feeling the enormous advances on windows phone since Microsoft has taken control of Nokia. I will upgrade my phone to a Lumia 930 as I trust the OS to keep improving at a blazing speed
  • Estoy feliz con mi 1020 pero, al igual que tu, mi siguiente teléfono será de nuevo un Windows Phone
  • Boom Shakalaka !!!!!!!
  • Got an update earlier yup its free now hell yeah !
  • Downloaded!!!
  • Cancelling premium subscription ASAP
  • I always used spotify until I moved to Canada 3 years ago. there the service was unavailable I then decided to use Xbox Music. only 3 weeks ago i got invited into the canadian spotify. I am now using both services on and off to figure out which one to take. the content on xbox music is great but xbox music (compared to spotify) is weak weak weak for music discovery. - unable to discover by moods
    -unable to discover by genres - way not enough subgenres on xbox music - social sharing components are utter crap (real not available at all) xbox music should really do something about their client! the service is ''good'' but due to the poor client and discovery features, i am more and more inclined to cancel my subscription and go back to Spotify.    
  • Yay!
  • Spotify doing a great job as usual..thanks for the laggy playlist ui.
  • There's neither Xbox music nor Spotify in India xD
    Lol...god knows when it'll come :P
  • *downloads, installs, creates account, starts app, closes app, uninstalls, starts Nokia Mix Radio, smiles, turns and walks away... *
  • Finally, I have been a free account user for a long time on PC and iPad. I love Spotify it sucked to be missing in my live tiles.
  • Available for android and ios since Dec 2013 lol. don't worry you'll get the next feature in 2015
  • Nokia music it is
  • Love the new shuffle feature but one issue i am having, when i pause a track i am playing and go to another app or leave the phone for a few mins when i go back to spotify app it doesn't seem to remember my pause and i have to select another song to start playing from the beginning. anyone else having this issue?
  • What Phone do you have? Low RAM devices can't hold high profile apps like Spotify at it's best. When the device doesn't have too much RAM left to use, Windows phone OS closes the app you stopped using.
  • Im using Lumia 822 so plenty of RAM. And the problem is not that it closes the app, its just that it doesn't allow me to resume playng the song where i had paused it. I have to start a new song from the beginning.
  • They finally learned that we exist...
  • Really all I need is one of my favorite apps, "musictube" free music downloads straight to my music library. But Spotify is really nice
  • App looks awesome, only i miss my Songs and Albums. Now you have to search for music, but om Spotify website i'm having a lot of music albums and songs liked. Hopefully this feature will be in there next update.
  • This is awesome!!!!!
  • I like to use Xbox music on my PC because it has free streaming, but this is not the case on Windows Phone. I have been using Pandora, but this sounds like it is worth a try. Often times, I listen to playlists that I create myself with music that I have purchased, but sometimes you just want to hear something out of the ordinary, and streaming music apps are a good way to do that.
  • It's just a radio mode, it doesn't allow you to select your tracks like Xbox Music or Spotify on desktop.
  • So with all the hype I thought free play meant the same as free play on desktop. But instead it's just a shuffled radio feature like Not really worth it TBH.
  • About time, glad to hear.
  • Wow had no clue what I was missing Spotify is a great service so glad they updated it! And it was a nice interface for the most part
  • I have Spotify on my home PC as my main music player.  This free phone version has a skip limit (6 songs an hour).  That's no good to me as I pay the middle price (£4.99 p/m) to avoid skip limits and ads on the PC version. And I won't be upgrading to Premium until the app allows me to play the MP3's I already have on my device like the PC and Android versions do..  So uninstalling and it's happily back to Xbox Music and Mix Radio!
  • want a Xbox music update...
  • This has just converted me from mix radio, brilliant app and service!
  • Finally Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Very happy to see this. While I enjoy Nokia Music, it has felt pretty limited in choice. I don't care at all for Xbox Music, maybe if I had a subscription, but free, doesn't do it for me. Pandora is pretty good, we'll see how Spotify works for me day to day. Finally I have used CloudMuzik for my Google Music and it is awesome (aside from a minor song update bug) but if you want to listen to new stuff, it isn't the right app. Thank you Spotify
  • I read through most comments and am surprised no one has brought up the crashing of the all on 8.1 DEV Preview. Has done so since the 8. Spotify release. Very irritated as I have been a Premium user since Spotify's U.S. Launch, support has been "looking" into it for months with me. Why it's not yet resolved since there are 8.1 phones in the wild is beyond me. The app does not handle the background task functions correctly, crashes almost immediately or after one song.
  • Can we save music to SD Card using Spotify?
  • I still can't play "My Music," something that is SO basic to any music player. I've curated a collection of music that I can easily play on my fiance's iPhone and on any Android, but here I am, unable to play "My Music"! I don't want Pandora. I have Pandora. I want my Spotify to be My Spotify.
    I'm happy that they're updating, but for God's sake, please give me access to my music.
  • WHOA.   Can somebody with a Spotify Premium account check this out for me, because I'm doubting my own ears.  I swear I just heard gaplessness on a Windows Phone.   I have a Premium account, I'm running the new version of the app, and I was listening to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, as one does sometimes even if it's morning and one's sober.  And during that filter-swept white-noise pad that straddles "Wish You Were Here" and "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI VII VIII IX)," I braced myself for that annoying second of silence... and it didn't freaking happen.  No gap.  Zero.  Nada.  Just the seamless transition that Waters/Gilmour wanted me to hear, finally.   Do Spotify even know that they did this?  This is a huge differentiator between them and Xbox Music, but I can't see anything about it in the release notes, or on their website.  Was it an accident?  Should I block all future updates in case they "fix" it?   Please, somebody with a Premium account try this out - I'm worried that I've been waiting for this feature for so long that I'm having aural hallucinations.   (Without a Premium account, you can only listen in Shuffle mode, right?  So gaplessness wouldn't apply...)
  • OK, I even got a witness, to make sure I wasn't fooling myself, and he didn't hear gaps in the Floyd content either - so YAY.  No gaps when streaming; no gaps playing the downloaded album offline.  No Floyd Gaps At All.   But then I tried my other standard gapless reference content, NMH's _In The Aeroplane Over The Sea_, and bleah- gaps.  Small ones, but totally noticeable.  As a sanity check, I tried an MP3 copy of _ITAOTS_ that I bought from Amazon in the (desktop) Windows Media Player, which normally plays gapless content gaplessly pretty well - and there were gaps there, too.  So my hunch, for now, is that the original digital version of the album was mastered carelessly, and that Spotify (like WMP) is just doing the best it can with broken content.   So much more to try...
  • At last!!!