Sprint: Go fast, turn left, buy a Touch Pro 2

We really have zero doubt that we'll see the Touch Pro 2 on Sprint, and this just about wraps it up. We've gotten a glimpse at the leaked phone itself. We seen ROMs that point to its release. And now it's appeared on Sprint's NASCAR site for, natch, the Sprint Cup. [via Engadget]

It's a little odd that the phone's listed as the Rhodium, which as we all know is its HTC codename. (The asterisk, for the record, points to the Rhodium as one of the "devices (that) support NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile full audio and video content.")

So we'll avoid saying that Sprint's revving its engine on the Touch Pro 2 (or getting ready to drop the green flag) and instead say that it's coming, get ready.

And if you ain't first, you're last.

Phil Nickinson

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