Sprint Mogul ROM Update adds Sprint Music Store

ROM Updates for everyone! It's just been a month since the Mogul was released (opens in new tab) and already we have a ROM update for it. No, sorry, it's not the anticipated upgrade to the speedier EVDO. Instead it lets you buy and download music form the Sprint Music Store (opens in new tab).

It'll erase your phone, so make sure you've got all your data backed up.

By downloading the latest ROM, the Sprint Music Store will operate on your device. The Sprint Music Store enables you to purchase and download digital files to play on your device or PC.

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WC Staff
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  • We've upgraded over at Neat Ish, and to be honest, the Sprint Music store doesn't even work on our Moguls after the upgrade. We have had success though with an overall speed boost (prob due to fixing some of the memory leaks). Still worth the upgrade IMO, but I cannot wait for the Rev A goodness!http://www.neatish.com