Sprint PPC-6800 Watch: Now June?

First it was May, then it was leaked into the wild, then it was renamed the Mogul and delayed until October so it could ship with WM6. Now the latest rumor is that Sprint heard our wailing and gnashing of teeth about the delay and has moved the release up to just a couple of weeks from now. Now, the natural thing to do would be to head over to HTC's teaser site for the device to see what the real scoop it - but apparently that site now requires a user name and password. Weird.

Anyhow, we like the earlier release, even if it doesn't mean that it will have WM6 or Rev A EVDO right away

The latest projected launch timeframe for the PPC-6800 is now set for mid-June. While we (constantly and continuously) stress that these dates are estimates, and should not be considered as anything other than internal projections, it does appear Sprint has made considerable efforts to ship the PPC-6800 later this month.

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Update: Looks like a Powerpoint presentation got leaked. Check it out: Sprint HTC Mogul Pics and Specs - Pocket PC Addict Forums

WC Staff