Sprint Ready for Two-Way Internet Video?

Although we're wont to complain about how Europeans have it better, coverage and services-wise, than we do here in the states, the reality is we're actually relatively happy with how data goes here -- unlimited FTW. One sore point, though, is that all that unlimited data still can't be used to two-way video conferencing in any widespread or reliable way. Enter Sprint, who is still trying to make the argument that they're not on their way to oblivion.

Cellular-News has the details on how Sprint announced that they will be delivering data speeds fast enough to handle two-way video conferencing. Its said to be used for mainly police, firefighters and schools, but it would only be a matter of time before your average Joe hooked up to some video chat. This all has to go through the red tape of the wireless regulators first, but it looks like it might just make it (hint to other companies: focusing on how your new service will help firefighters a good way to push it through committee). Now all Sprint has to do is get their WiMAX internet up and running smoothly.

WC Staff