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Sprint teams up with Boingo to provide free Wi-Fi access to customers at airports across the U.S.

Sprint says that users within range of a Boingo hotspot will now be able to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network at no additional charge. From Sprint:

Sprint devices within proximity of a Boingo hotspot can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network seamlessly, providing service at the fastest speeds available, be that cellular from Sprint or Wi-Fi from Boingo. The auto-authenticating Wi-Fi connections are available at no additional charge to all Sprint customers with capable devices, and usage while connected to Wi-Fi does not count towards a customer's monthly service plan.

As mentioned above, Boingo operates Wi-Fi hotspots in 35 major airports across the U.S., so if you're a Sprint customer, chances are you'll be able to take advantage of this service at some point during your next trip.

Source: Sprint

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  • They make you go through several links to list the actual airport. These are it:
  • Not much going on here...
  • This is informative to mobile users so its relevant. "Not much going on here..."? I hope you mean this article and not the site. There have been so many articles in the past 24 hours, not sure how you can say there isn't much going on. Go to BGR, where they covered maybe 3 things: Android apps being enabled for port to Windows, Hololens, and Edge being the name of the browser. They literally ignored everything else.
  • When I commented, I was only the second commentator. So, at that time, I meant the article. So, don't be silly. Happy with your assumptions and waste of time? I'm not.
  • This will last all of about 6 months before sprint abandons it and just leave sprint ads in every phone call.
  • I saw "boingo" in the title and Danny Elman immediately came to mind lol
  • I saw. Boingo and I immediately thought of the movie Hoodwinked.
  • It's a brilliant, brilliant name.
  • Stupid... They should work on building more cell towers... What a waste of money for free flight wifi... Most sprint customers won't be flying that often... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not much going on here
  • 35 is less than 1 in each state. So many airports with free Wi-Fi, must be the only 35 airports still charging people.
  • Sounds great from my carrier. Last week I was in Detroit visiting my family and had to wait for a pickup for 2 hours, used the airport wifi ,whch was fast, wonder if Boingo data speeds are faster.