In a recent interview between Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda and MCV, the executive shared his thoughts about microtransactions in the current state of the industry. He said the following when asked about how the practice was viewed on consoles.

What people expect and want in a home console game is perhaps quite different from what people want in a mobile game. The way that console games are made, the volume of content and how much effort goes into them, there's something in that which doesn't fit in the mind with microtransactions.

While this statement is rather cryptic, and doesn't promise any change, it's still means that at least Square Enix understands that console gamers don't like microtransactions in expensive titles. When you're paying $60 or more for a "AAA" game, and have to buy loot crates for weapons or other non-cosmetic items, it can put a lot of people off of your title. It seems unfair that you have to spend so much only to find out that you probably have to pay more.

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Square Enix games like Deus Ex Mankind Divided featured gameplay-circumventing micropayments.

It's worth noting that Square Enix games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Rise of the Tomb Raider featured microtransactions which gave those who paid gameplay advantages. Hopefully the publisher will find the correct balance in its future titles. At least the CEO acknowledges that console gamers don't want them in a game if they're already paying $60 or more.

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