Displaying once again Microsoft's abilities to reach out to current and new developers, Microsoft Licensing hooked up with the computer science department at the University of Nevada, Reno for a developer contest. Meant to encourage innovation amongst students as well as highlight Microsoft's new effort into the mobile phone business, the contest has gained some attention and publicity through local media.

The winning app of the contest is a game called 'Squid Squish' and was made by Aaron Eastburg, Hettie Zhang and John Colombo. The game involves squid and sushi and squishing...we're not really sure. Regardless, we'll be able to try it out eventually as the game gets further developed and released to the Marketplace, presumably on Microsoft's dime (we'll keep an eye out). In addition to the support, Microsoft also gave each of the young developers a new Windows Phone for their effort. Nice.

We just like seeing Microsoft doing these type of things. A big congrats to the winning team. Check the video after the break...

Source: KTVN, Channel 2 (video); RBJ.com