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Star Trek: Bridge Crew getting 'The Next Generation' expansion on July 21

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is going all in on The Next Generation with a new DLC pack. While PlayStation VR players will be able to step into the shoes of Captain Jean-Luc Picard a little earlier on May 22, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift owners will get their chance on July 21.

While Star Trek: Bridge Crew launched with access to the original U.S.S Enterprise bridge, The Next Generation will let players step into virtual reality to helm the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701D. The DLC also includes a new command role, Operations, which focuses on managing the crew, Ubisoft says.

The Romulans and Borg are also introduced in this DLC as new enemies. That's alongside two new mission types, Patrol and Resistance. From Ubisoft:

In Patrol, players are free to roam the galaxy while exploring random encounters and answering distress calls for hours on end. Resistance mode offers more frenetic gameplay, as you and your crew are chased by the seemingly unstoppable Borg Cube and must collect three prototype ship modules before you're able to face the Borg head-on and expect any chance of success.

Bridge Crew TNG

Star Trek: Bridge Crew (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Star Trek: Bridge Crew The Next Generation will be available for Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive starting July 21. PlayStation VR gamers can get their hands on the DLC starting May 22. If you want to dive in ahead of time, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is available now for $49.99.

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  • This is really going out my nerd card but Bridge Crew didn't launch with the "Original" Enterprise bridge but with the Alternate Universe (aka "JJ-Verse") bridge from the recent films instead. I'm not sure if it could be called "the original" since it's more or less a retcon. I'm admittingly unsure of the semantics in this case.
  • You can use the proper original one in it now though. Did that not come at release? I didn't have the game at release because there was no WMR back then.
  • Any fan knows what the original ship and crew is, the mistake in this review is unacceptable.
  • Now we're talking. This is going to be my next "expensive" VR game to buy.
  • Two months before non-PSVR players can play it? Really? That seems odd. Is the PSVR version so much more popular?
  • Sony money paying for exclusives. Just like COD, Destiny 2 etc.
  • Oh, I get it, but it's still annoying. I've never liked these timed exclusives, even when they work in my favor.
  • I doubt it, Ubisoft has been known to delay PC games and reduce graphics quality so it is on par with consoles to give people less reason to Pirate the PC version of the game. That is really why I don't support them. I did however buy this game and I played it a couple times it gives you the star trek nerd feel of being part of the crew, but that is it. You just click buttons on the bridge, no transporting to planets, boarding ships or competitive multiplayer. If you aren't a huge Star trek nerd that would be satisfied with just being on the bridge I wouldn't recommend this game.