The popular Star Walk 2 is now available for Windows 10 users to enjoy. Even better, the app works across both PC and Mobile, so you'll be able to get a glimpse at the stars from your desktop or on the go.

Star Walk 2 brings virtual stargazing to Windows 10 PC and Mobile

If you're unfamiliar with Star Walk 2, the app allows you to see a virtual version of the stars in the sky that changes with the orientation of your phone. While that in and of itself is cool, Star Walk 2 also highlights different constellations, planets and stars around you, allowing you to zoom in on each for a brief overview, 3D models and much more.

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If you've never had a chance to check out Star Walk 2 or its predecessor, it's definitely worth a look. You can currently grab it for $2.99 for Windows 10 PC and Mobile at the Windows Store.

Buy Star Walk 2 at the Windows Store ($2.99)

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