Star Wars Battlefront

If you happen to be patiently awaiting the arrival of EA's upcoming title Star Wars Battlefront, you may wish to check out EA Access. The company has now made a 10-hour trial available on the subscription service, enabling those subscribed to EA Access with pre-release access ahead of launch.

The download, which will require a total of 19GB of free internal storage space on your Xbox One, can be downloaded from the app. The best part about this initial head-start is that all progress and unlocked content will transfer over to your full installation once Star Wars Battlefront launches next week.

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Not only that, but EA Access subscribers will enjoy the usual 10% discount on all EA titles, including Battlefront. The subscription service sets purchasers back by $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Microsoft may even send you a code for free, if you're lucky.

Source: EA

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