Star Wars Battlefront 10-hour trial is now available on EA Access

If you happen to be patiently awaiting the arrival of EA's upcoming title Star Wars Battlefront, you may wish to check out EA Access. The company has now made a 10-hour trial available on the subscription service, enabling those subscribed to EA Access with pre-release access ahead of launch.

The download, which will require a total of 19GB of free internal storage space on your Xbox One, can be downloaded from the app. The best part about this initial head-start is that all progress and unlocked content will transfer over to your full installation once Star Wars Battlefront launches next week.

Not only that, but EA Access subscribers will enjoy the usual 10% discount on all EA titles, including Battlefront. The subscription service sets purchasers back by $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Microsoft may even send you a code for free, if you're lucky.

Source: EA

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Played the beta.. I'll wait for the full game on ea access.. Beta didn't do it for me to pay 60euro for it.
  • I agree. Not worth full price for me. I don't MP game all the time anyway. And I've already spent quite enough between Halo 5 and Fallout 4. XD
  • Downloading but was disappointed by the beta, game felt bland and basic for some reason. Going to give it a good test this weekend with friends
  • It was a beta so that's probably why
  • Not necessarily. The beta had the same gameplay as the original Star Wars Battlefront. By today's standards, it can easily be perceived as basic and bland. Personally I liked it.
  • Is this a 10 hour trial starting from now or a trial you download and get 10 hours gameplay? Or download now and 10 hour timer starts?
  • 10hr of actual gameplay, same as all EA Access trials.
  • A timer starts from the moment you start the game but only counts down while you are in game. You can play an hour today, leave it for two days and then carry on with the other 9 hours, until your allotted time runs out.
  • Thanks guys :)
  • Except don't leave it paused it eats ur time
  • I'm not to fussed about getting early access to the game if I'm honest which is why I don't have EA access, the BETA was fun and gave us a good indication of game play, so I will probably get it when its out, not sure if PC or XBox though, it's a nice feature that's your progress carries over!!!!
  • I thought the beta lacked content to sell me on the price. I will burn my 10 hours for sure to see the full game.
  • Content? You mean like other game modes?
  • Yes, the couple of options available grew old quick, mixing up modes and maps makes for more extended game play.
  • Do you know what a beta is? Because what you're describing is not what you should expect from a beta. The full game will have other game modes and more content, a beta is to test things, receive feedback and then fix things. A beta is not going to be the whole game, just a glimpse.
  • I hope I can finish the single player campaign in 10 hours! I dont like playing online so this could be perfect for me   :D
  • There's no campaign...
  • Then he's in luck!
  • Even if there was a campaign you wouldnt be able to finish it because EA would block it. They did it with BF and Dragon Age