It appears that Star Wars Battlefront II will support 4K on Xbox One X, possibly with VRR

I'd read on internal marketing proposals that EA's upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II would be "4K" on Xbox One X, and was a candidate for showcasing the console's power in future marketing materials. Obviously, with Sony having marketing rights to the game for PlayStation, that info became slightly problematic, but the 4K resolution aspect seemed to hold true.

Later, I'd heard that the resolution or, surprisingly, the frame rate, wasn't finalized, and EA and developer DICE were trying a range of configurations on both the X and the PS4 Pro to figure out how best to present the next entry in the franchise.

Now that Battlefront II's Xbox One store listing has been updated (thanks for the tip, @btontour1), it looks as though it will at least feature 4K on the Xbox One X, with variable refresh rate support (VRR).

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At Gamescom 2017, the PlayStation 4 Pro version of Battlefront II was presented at 1080p full HD, at 60 frames per second (via DigitalFoundry). With the Xbox One X version being capable of full 4K with the option of VRR, it sounds as though Battlefront II might support multiple modes across consoles.

Considering the vast majority of gamers won't have displays that support VRR (certainly not those playing on a TV), it's safe to speculate that Battlefront II will have multiple display modes on Xbox One X. Perhaps if you select 4K UHD modes, you lose the promise of 60 FPS gameplay, trading FPS for raw visual opulence. The Xbox One X supports AMD FreeSync for VRR, which means that compatible monitors can match the refresh frequency of games with irregular frame rates. Most monitors are 60 Hz, which made 60 and 30 FPS standardized for modern games. With VRR, Battlefront II could run at irregular frame rates anywhere between 30 and 60, and still provide a smooth, judder-free experience. 40-55 FPS on a FreeSync monitor can provide that level of fluid gameplay competitive shooters really need.

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There's no information yet on the final frame rate for the 4K Xbox One X version, but the VRR support could indicate that the final build of Battlefront II might not be locked to 60 FPS, at least when it is running at 4K. We've reached out to EA for more information on their plans for the Xbox versions of Battlefront II.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has often stated that Microsoft wants the Xbox One X to showcase the best console versions of each and every game, and it certainly looks as though Battlefront II will be among the titles that exemplify that goal.

Star Wars Battlefront II targets a November 17, 2017 launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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  • i'll gladly play the campaign in 4K with variable frame rates, however for multiplayer I hope they give the option for 60fps locked, even if the resolution drops to 1440 or checkerboard 4K
  • Same!
  • Exactly this! With previous FPS games on my pc I have happily played the campaign mode at 4K ~45fps and then dropped down to even 1080p with maximum draw distance and textures for multiplayer and have found it perfectly fine.
    The choice between detailing or frame rate would be welcome now the Xbox One X is so powerful.
  • I'm actually very impressed the Xbox One X can run Battlefront 2 in 4K and 60 fps (inconsistent). Historically, frostbite games have been very demanding on consoles. The PS4 could only manage 900p at 60 fps while the Xbox One only 720p at 60 fps. The PS4 Pro doesn't seem to be able to push it beyond 1080p either without major frame rate sacrifices. This is a testament to the power of the Xbox One X. Even if it can't handle 4K locked at 60 fps consistently, it's still able to handle a Frosbite engine game at native 4K with framerates that are still playable.
  • Its good to see VRR implemented so soon, but the lack of displays that support Freesync over hdmi is definately a problem. Currently no tv sets have Freesync and the monitors that do, only generally support as low as 45hz over hdmi. I think a display port should have been included in the X. Im holding back from a 4k tv until either Freesync or hdmi 2.1 capable models arrive, and i know many others that are doing the same. I will just play on a 4k 60hz monitor until then.
  • Are there even any monitors out there yet that support HDMI 2.1?
  • No and neither does the Xbox One X. It does Freesync not HDMI 2.1 VRR though it's possible it may support the HDMI 2.1 VRR when it actually launches on the market. Freesync HDMI displays are a mess and require manual setup in display OSD, no 4K HDMI Freesync display on the market either. I think this happens to be the area were MS dropped the ball on the One X, a premium console that has no comparable premium display to go along with it. They should have launched a premium Xbox Optimized Display cert program for TV/Monitor makes to go along with it that did the following. 4K Freesync in 30-75Hz range minimum HDR10 with garanteed peformance (no IPS or TN panels which can't really do HDR) automatic config so no need to mess with game mode & works with Xbox and Win10 PC's over Displayport or HDMI. The display market is a mess and MS leaving console owners to pick out the best display is not a good idea, it will not show off what the One X can do.
  • Doesn't  M.S. Have a deal they're working on with Samsung for a 4k oled
  • Microsoft can't wait for the display manufacturers though.
  • MS has already stated the the Xbox One X will support HDMI 2.1 at launch.
  • The One X is currently in certification for HDMI 2.1.
  • @gold-stars Threre is no "may posisibly support". It is already been verified multiple times by multiple Microsoft sources (including Ybarra) that the Xbox One X will be HDMI 2.1 certified by it's release in November.    It has also been noted that several display makers (the most forthright are the Korean manufacturers) that they will be supporting HDMI 2.1 in the coming year TVs.  Microsof is also supporting, through a marketing deal with Samsung, a high end QLED model.  so choose that model if you think the X must align itself with a TV model. But  seriously, there are plenty of 4K monitors that will game well  and give you a good movie experience as well.  Heck, if you want a cheap cost but not a cheap design,  the TCL models have been surprisingly getting fairly good reviews. Not everything needs to be Prosumer quality. People should not feel the need to spend $3000 on  a TV just to play games.  And even if you believe that display market is a mess it does not make it so.  The market is just  in barrage mode becauset it is in transition this year from  mixed 1080p/4K market  to full blown 4K only market. 
  • I'm sure MS said somewhere that they'll support HDMI 2.1 for VRR
  • Have you seen the prices for HDMI 2.1 cables?  They are ridiculous.
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • @gold-stars hdmi 2.1 is already a done deal on Xbox One X !!
  • @gold-star ... let me add it’ll be certified for 2.1 before launch