Star Wars Battlefront II: 5 questions we have after the campaign

Star Wars Battlefront II cleared up many of the questions fans were asking about the Star Wars canon, such as what the Empire's plans were following the destruction of the second Death Star as well as the events that lead to the Battle of Jakku. But while it shed light on things like this, the game overall brought about more questions than it answered. Here are five things we want to know more about after the credits rolled on Battlefront II's story.

Be warned: spoilers for the campaign of Battlefront II lie ahead!

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1. How did Hask survive?

During the Battle of Jakku, Iden Versio shot down dozens of Imperial TIE fighter pilots — the most significant of which was her former friend and Inferno Squad member, Gideon Hask. In the cutscene that plays following the ferocious dogfight between the two, Hask's TIE Interceptor is seen bursting into flames and hurtling towards the ground. He is presumed dead.

However, that would end up not being the case, as he re-appears in the game's dialogue, decades later in the story, as an officer within the First Order. This begs the question: how did he survive?

It's possible that he ejected from his doomed craft and managed to link up with retreating Imperial forces, or that he survived his crash and was able to lay low until the battle ended, living alone for years until he was able to find a way off-planet. Regardless, there's potential here for a mini-story that could be told in a short story, or possibly even in a DLC for the game itself.

2. What's in Palpatine's other observatories?

During Battlefront II, Del Meeko and Luke Skywalker form an unlikely alliance in order to survive their missions regarding Emperor Palpatine's mysterious observatory on Pillio. In it, they find numerous objects, with the most significant being what is implied to be the map that lead Luke to the Jedi Temple on Ahch-To, where he would eventually go alone.

Considering it's been confirmed in the canon that Palpatine had more of these observatories scattered throughout the galaxy, it's intriguing to think about what lies within the other facilities. Sith artifacts and studies of the dark side of the Force are two likely things Palpatine would have placed within these structures, but we can't really say for sure unless we find out later on. There may even be other maps that show the way to undiscovered temples like the one Luke found during his exile.

3. What is Project Resurrection?

Shortly after executing Del Meeko, Gideon Hask has a rather aggressive argument with Gleb, the Stormtrooper trainer from the beginning of the game, about something called Project Resurrection. Very little else is said aside from the promises from Gleb that she would triple the efforts of her and her teams on the project.

With Gleb being a highly effective military official (after all, she ran an academy) many fans have speculated that Project Resurrection is an attempt to significantly increase the size of the First Order's war machine. This is certainly possible, and would explain their powerful military in The Force Awakens. Other fans, however, think the term "resurrection" hints towards some kind of medical project, with many even theorizing that the project will reveal the origins of Supreme Leader Snoke himself. Ultimately, though, the program is shrouded in mystery.

4. Where is Iden Versio?

The epilogue of Battlefront II mentions Iden quite a bit, but it's important to note that we never actually learn where she is decades after the Empire's fall at Jakku. One can assume that she ended up holding a major position within the New Republic given her skills as a leader, but it's impossible to confirm this with the information we have right now.

It's also possible (likely, even) that she joined with the Resistance and fights against the First Order like she did against the Empire decades prior. If this is the case, she could very well be a general or other high ranking officer for the group. Regardless, the capture and execution of her husband Del is likely the cause of her return to the spotlight in the upcoming story DLC set to release on December 13th.

5. Who is the daughter of Iden and Del?

During the "dream sequence" in the epilogue in which we play as Kylo Ren as he assaults Del's mind with the Force, he mentions the fact that Iden and Del have had a daughter together. No more information was ever revealed about the girl in question, but the mention of her was obviously intended to make us scratch our heads.

Theorists within the Star Wars community have been posing several of their own predictions about who the girl is, with perhaps the most shocking possibility being that the child could in fact be Rey, the cloth-wrapped heroine of The Force Awakens and the upcoming film, The Last Jedi. It's very possible that the December campaign DLC will give us more insight into this, but only time will tell.

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