Star Wars: Commander for Windows Phone

Back in September of last year, we saw the release of Star Wars: Commander, one of the many game franchises trying to cash in on the Clash of Clans phenomenon. Since then, we have seen much in the way of updates, unlike Age of Empires: Castle Siege.

However, today a nice update has gone out. Besides adding new features, those with 512 MB phones can now get in on the action too as the game has been optimized for low memory devices.

Star Wars: Commander

  • Now Available: Traps! Defend your base with Traps that trigger Starship Strikes when enemies approach! Choose from X-Wings and Y-Wings for the Rebel Alliance, and TIE Fighters and TIE Bombers for the Empire. 
  • Consort with the criminal underbelly of Tatooine by safeguarding and trading Contraband with Jabba and his associates. They will repay the favor in the future. 
  • Guard your Contraband and your base with the new Droideka Sentinel, which targets attackers ruthlessly both in defensive and offensive battles! 
  • Fend off attacks from Er'Kit commandos with your favorite Senator, Johhar Kessen, in the next Campaign! 

Overall, it looks like a long overdue but substantial update. The game is a universal app, letting you play across your Surface, phone, or desktop PC. As such, the Windows 8.1 version also has the same update and features.

Thanks, Sahil R., Sarthak D., and others for the tip!

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