Star Wars: Squadrons details its progression, goes over XP, Glory and Requisition currencies

Star Wars Squadrons Zavian Abyss
Star Wars Squadrons Zavian Abyss (Image credit: EA)

What you need to know

  • Star Wars: Squadrons is the next Star Wars game from EA, putting players in the cockpit of various Star Wars vehicles and space ships.
  • The game will have 5v5 multiplayer and a campaign, with challenges and operations to complete in exchange for XP, Glory, and Requisition.
  • In a new blog post, Star Wars: Squadrons went over some of the progression aspects of the game, including how to earn different currencies.
  • They also confirmed that Star Wars: Squadrons won't have any microtransactions for in-game currency.

Star Wars: Squadrons is just around the corner, and before launch the team behind EA's next Star Wars game is revealing more information about how progression works, and how players will earn the two currencies that exist in-game. The posts stresses again how Star Wars: Squadrons will not have any microtransactions for in-game currency, and all the currency players will earn have to be earned while playing the game. There are two currencies for players to earn: Glory and Requisition.

Glory is earned from completing lots of challenges, and can be spent on new cosmetic items for pilots and starfighters, while Requisition is earned while levelling up, and can be used to purchase new loadouts and starfighters. Progression in Star Wars: Squadrons works in several ways, including:

  • Daily Challenges. Simple challenges that can be completed every single day give players fresh ways to play and award Glory in order to purchase cosmetics.
  • Operations. Similar to seasons or battle passes in other games, Operations are 8-week cycles in which there are specific Operation Challenges. These challenges tend to be more difficult than Daily Challenges, but rather than award Glory they can award exclusive and rare cosmetic items.
  • Fleet Battle Rank. Tied into an Operations 8-week limit is your Fleet Battle Rank, another way to earn Glory and show off your dedication to Star Wars: Squadrons. This rank is skill based, and will reset with every new Operation.
  • Level. Players earn XP from doing pretty much everything in Star Wars: Squadrons, which goes towards levelling up. Through levelling up, players gain Requisition that can be used on new Starfighters and gear, up until Level 40, at which point you can unlock everything.

Star Wars: Squadrons should be more-or-less finished when the game releases, but will continue to recieve tweaks and balancing fixes over time. The team has also confirmed a Day One patch for the game, and future HOTAS support for consoles, which will be great for hardcore players. In the meantime, Star Wars: Squadrons comes out October 2, 2020, so make sure your PC is ready and meets all of the recommended requirements for Star Wars: Squadrons.

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